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Your WTFs and frustrations in Void


Don’t worry, I’m pretty bad at that too, despite how long I’ve been using Linux-based distributions :slight_smile:

It should be inserted somewhere between the installation of the required packages to the desired path and actual chroot’ing.

So, let’s say, after mount -t devpts pts /mnt/dev/pts and before cd /mnt.

(David) #118

Done! :slight_smile:

(James Holloway) #119


Please can you let me know how you solved your print to pdf issues ? I am not sure what 3rd party software you installed to get this going.

Thanks for any help.



(deepdark) #120

woops, don’t log in here much @Mudra but you can try xbps-query -Rs cups


My frustration is scrolling to the end of long Discourse threads on Void forum.

(oliver) #122

drag the slider on the right hand side :slight_smile:

(Greg Fitzgerald) #123

@nixit drag the timeline up and down with your mouse, much easier.


Type any command in your terminal, for example:

$ date
Sat Jul 22 18:22:22 CEST 2017

Now if you type !! , it will repeat the previous command:

$ !!
Sat Jul 22 18:22:24 CEST 2017

WTF?? :clown_face:
I was not aware of this command.

(Xlaits Xavier) #125

It’s the very last color tag in the program going that.


You can also use sudo !! to run the previous command with sudo, useful if you forgot to type it

(Masato the Empty) #127

let’s see…

[bang] [bang] [enter] vs [up_arrow] [enter] or [ctrl-p] [enter] - bit of a tossup (it’s all pinky fingers either way unless yo move your hand to hit the arrow keys) ctrl-p might have an edge if you’re used to it.

[ctrl-p] [ctrl-a] sudo [space] [enter] vs sudo [bang] [bang] enter - I guess @keepbotting has the edge.

(still won’t make a bash user of me again… anyone ever use r in ksh? :stuck_out_tongue:)


Thank you for this one, very useful !! :grinning:

(oliver) #129

Only when I have to use the ancient Solaris boxes at work.

(M. Dietrich) #130

i did not complain about shipping but on dependency of the base-system package.


Unfortunately not having an updated web browser is a real deal breaker.
Chromium is now two full releases behind.
I assume it’s a lot of work to keep it updated with glibc and musl version but for the end user, he’s still using an outdated browser, which is a no-go.
I’ll keep Void on my notebook to play around with it and learn some things about writing templates myself and hopefully I can contribute in the future but for now I have to migrate my desktop back to OpenBSD or Gentoo.


I frustrated because of the latest update with boost, break some package… I recently updating my system, not weekly.
What this happened in the last time with python3.6… and much more later resolved my problem. (with Gentoo, I rebuild the prefer version and working.)
What is the cycle when I update safely my system? weekly, monthly?
I don’t want miss the Voidlinux, but some thing working wrong.

(Erin) #133

Please post further detail of what was broken and some error messages would help.


I already reported this issue #7807

Boost is being rebuilt. Should be fixed soon.

(Jacob Moen) #135

When something breaks, usually it is fixed in a matter of hours.

I would recommend updating at a daily basis.

(Jacob Moen) #136

I just updated; it should be good now! :slight_smile: