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Your WTFs and frustrations in Void


We don’t have enough resources, building llvm and all related packages that depend on it nearly kills the main repo/buildserver, other mirrors should work fine.

(M. Dietrich) #98

i come from debian unstable so using voidlinux with it’s rolling versioning wasn’t that far away. i used debian nearly from the beginning when it was as void is today: simple, fast, correct and with a small community that is friendly, helpful and fast.

i struggled over many small issues with void which could be solved easily (so mainly layer 8 problems). i love that i can leave out nearly everything i want to (void works without perl!), only the hard dependency on nvi hit me (something like “Provides: text-editor” seems to be missing in void).

today void is my main working platform and there aren’t that much problems left to solve (mainly missing packages like for example lpr-ng, gpr, dig/dnsutils, axolotl or dicom stuff) but nice thing is: packaging is comparable easy for void.

so no, no WTF here, sorry. :wink:


Well, a “WTF” moment can also be positive. :slight_smile:


dig is in package bind-utils

(Artsiom) #101

Seperation of XBPS binaries

You can try this https://github.com/netzverweigerer/vpm

(Jeffrey) #102

That one got me too, as well as wpa_supplicant. I can’t say it’s a good idea, but xbps-remove base-system seems to work. I’ve uninstalled both nvi and wpa_supplicant in a virtual machine without issue. (you’d want to keep an eye on the package though in case anything new is added in the future).

(Steve) #103

You can work the iptables on your own, which I’ve done before, but have not done in Void Linux, yet… maybe next week when I get my new system built and up and running! :slight_smile:


I have a couple of “Mostly Idling” lower-end colos. What sort of resources do we need?


I think the reason it’s like that is for headless systems like a raspberry pi or the live image, also root is the only user able to login by default.


Or you can modifiy base-system from your local fork of void-packages.


Did you select to use the repo or “local” as the source when you installed? The repo is CLI. Local is the system you’re running.

(M. Dietrich) #108

axolotl showed up, thank you for that! but i found another ugliness in base-system: the dependency on dhcpcd is a bit strange.

especially when voidlinux is installed in a DC where the systems have mainly fixed IPs. will be a hard discussion during security audit why we need a dhcp client on our machines…


@mdt I’d like to ear this discussion, it should be interesting. :nerd:

Regarding security: between the two programs dhclient / dhcpcd , in use in Void live images, is there a big difference, in your opinion?

[-] dhclient-4.3.5_1     Client from the Internet Software Consortium's implementation of DHCP
[-] dhcpcd-6.11.5_3      RFC2131 compliant DHCP client


Wait, the buildserver is also the repo server? Shouldn’t they be separate? If builds aren’t always running you could even do something like running builds on AWS spot instances as a cost saving measure.


The server needs the packages any ways, and for separation there are mirrors.
AWS instances with enough power are probably more expensive than the hardware we have.
And this would add some extra maintenance burdens, we just keep it simple, a powerful host system and a few virtual machines to keep the http and build server separated.


So far … everything is good. I did not even have the issue with no desktop since the Install page on site talks about what to choose if a full DE is wanted.

However, what trips me up more often than not are capital letters in package names.


Just remove the execute bits on the dhcpcd bin?

(M. Dietrich) #114

@cr6: there wont be much discussion, they just reject to have an executable like that installed. without clearance you wont start any project. so simple. and i have no arguments why it is installed, just tell “void base depends on it without any reason” is not good enough.

i dont get the second question, i would not install either on a bare metal server. what do you mean with “big difference”? i tried both on my desktop but thats another story.

@syngin: voidlinux has a much nicer solution for such cases, xbps-create is so simple to use, so i just created an empty dummy package to serve the depends.


Why does void ship a dhcp client? Why does OpenBSD ship a dhcp client?
Because this is how most systems get their network settings.
Adding a dhcp client in case you need one is way more complicated than removing it if you don’t need it.

(David) #116


Care to specify where exactly that command should go? I’m too new to Linux to tell myself, sorry :sweat_smile: