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Your WTFs and frustrations in Void


Yes it’s strange “screenFetch” with “F” capital…

I like screenfetch with his beautiful ASCII logo of Void ! :boy:

“screenfetch -L” only displays the Void logo.

But when I put “screenfetch -L” in the /etc/rc.local file to show the Void logo at boot…

…my screen turns completely in GREEN color !! :alien:



FYI: neofetch is a newer codebase, more configurable, and loads quicker on launching a new terminal session.


SSH root login is activated by default in Void, why ?

I heard it could be dangerous… :bomb:

Many articles talk about that.

The safe settings in /etc/ssh/sshd_config should be:

PermitRootLogin no

(Frankie Wilde) #38

Mostly the lack of communication when you commit packages. Otherwise the distro I find great as well as people in the forum :slight_smile:


neofetch ? I tried it today but…

neofetch has many options on the command line,
but there is no option to display only the Void logo in ASCII (like screenfetch) ?
Why ? :worried:


You missed the --ascii @cr6. Anyway, st terminal do this automatically

(Userx) #41

I don’t actually have any. this is the best distro of Linux/GNU I’ve ever tried, next to Slackware, But I grew tired of having to always compile everything to install apps. Debian went sys5 and the others that are forks of main distros I do not like.

VOID is not a copy of someone elses work and allows me to use a repo (up to date) gives me the best of both worlds. next to SlackWare.

(Userx) #42

looking into that other one never heard of it before.


Excuse me Ramdzet but the command “neofetch --ascii” displays the logo AND the informations, but I want JUST THE LOGO (like “screenfetch -L”).

What’s wrong ?

“st terminal” ? I never used it…


st is the Suckless project’s terminal.


Oops, I misunderstood, sorry
I think your neofetch showed image instead of void logo


Qt was updated to 5.7 in Arch in early July, still not updated in Void. Ya, end of the world, I know, but, why

(Userx) #47

it installs way too fast, I do not even have time to go out and smoke a cigarette … lol as aposed to any other takes a while OS winBlows or Linux installs.

(Lea) #48

Hi! Just new to Void Linux coming from 9 years in Arch. I’m already in love with Void. Only thing keeping me from switch is the lack of certain apps as well. As I understand now, there’s no Arch “AUR” equivalent, but the pkgSrc’es are the way to add apps that are not in the official repository? (Like an official AUR?) I’d read about packaging for Void now. Anyone could upload their packages to the main repo? Thank you!


Yes but they are reviewed and only merged if they match the quality standards.

(Jürgen Buchmüller) #51

It’s just a whole lot of work and revision bumping (probably) for a lot of dependencies.
For now everything works fine with 5.6.1-1 so we’re not in a hurry.
You can of course file a PR that pulls Qt5 up to 5.7.x :slight_smile:

(dylan araps) #52


I recently added that feature to neofetch and it’s available in the latest release (1.8.1).

Just launch neofetch with --logo or -L and it’ll only show the ascii art.

(Userx) #53

Looks Sweet … deffently replacing the screenFetch … Great Job cheers!!!

added to .bashrc

if [ -f /usr/bin/neofetch ]; then neofetch; fi

(Userx) #54

does neofetch have a ./configure source package to install it in different disto’s or are you making this an exclusive to VOID only?

(dylan araps) #55

Neofetch works out of the box on Linux, OS X, iOS, BSD, Solaris and Windows (Cygwin). Neofetch is just a bash script that detects your OS/Distro and runs specific code for your system.