Your WTFs and frustrations in Void

(maxice8 alter) #340

Required GCC and Musl patches.


I understand and I’m not really complaining, I’m just a bit frustrated since web browsers are one of those packages that should be as up to date as possible.


You are welcome to help updating the patches or build your own chromium without patches if you don’t need them.
Updating chromium takes a lot of time every release without even building and testing it.
Even if you don’t have patches for musl there are issues that need to be patched nearly every release.

(Erin) #343

Would be lovely if the RSS feed was local to the forum and mirrored to Twitter.


This is more of a light-hearted frustration than an actual thing to be frustrated over:
After a long power outage, I spent three hours minutely changing my pulseaudio configuration because my audio playback stuttered regularly only to find out that I was missing ntfs-3g when I copied over my files from my external hdd, which was ntfs-formatted. :neutral_face:

well it’s 4am in the morning. I guess I should go to sleep.

(figosdev) #345

im actually going to create a firm policy not to participate in discourse-based forums in the future. this is my third such forum.

the community seems like a mix of mostly helpful people, but discourse is the systemd of forum software, its absolutely horrid.

forum software shouldnt encourage micro-managing, even if the mods are reasonable friendly people. beyond that, ive got multiple cores and this is the biggest cpu waste of any site i go to. playing youtube doesnt seem to drag the browser down as much. if someone can delete my account, great. i will use void, i just wont talk about it here. everybodys happy. its a good distro, but this forum is a pox.

(Edmond Dantes ) #347

In Void forum’s account settings you can enable a mailing list mode (read-only) to view threads and receive updates from the mail associated with your forum account, as I do. From my perspective It’s wise to keep a separate IMAPS account for mailing lists only (currently I have on for Void forum, as well crux-linux, freebsd-desktop/freebsd-arm, netbsd-users/current-users, freedos-user and opeindiana-discuss mailing lists). There’s also a less-popular Void Linux google group to serve as official mailing list, and obviously the very active #voidlinux freenode channel :wink:


Not having mesa 18.


Bloated and over-engineered to the point of causing problems, yes.

But that’s another discussion.


It is on the way

(maxice8 alter) #352

I have an open PR if you want to test it

i am waiting for the musl builers to get up again before i merge.

it was extended massively by me trying to get libglvnd working, i ended giving up since it wasn’t working on musl.


More of a question than a frustration, but how is Vulkan support?

New mpv in repos doesn’t have it enabled it seems. Is it due to some conflicts or simply a maintainer’s decision?


Are you kidding me void. It clearly is in both repositories?

[user@void-devel ~]$ sudo xbps-install -Su linux-headers
[*] Updating `' ...
[*] Updating `' ...
Package 'linux-headers' not found in repository pool.

(Erin) #355

sudo xbps-install -v linux-headers

See what it says


Not much more:
Unable to locate 'linux-headers' in repository pool.

I even tried the --repository option. With both of them.

Edit: repolock. Some issue on my side. At the end it’s always something simple


I have repolocked linux-4.17_1 and linux-headers-4.16_1. Is there any way to repolock the package without the version number? Since the description doesn’t read like it would lock the repository to a specific version of a package. But apparently it does which is an issue.

If I do:
sudo xbps-query --list-repolock-pkgs
I get: linux-headers-4.16_1
and cannot update the package from my repository.

However if I do:
sudo xbps-pkgdb -m repounlock linux-headers
sudo xbps-install --repository= linux-headers
I can update the package with that explicit repository which has an update.

If I then do:
sudo xbps-pkgdb -m linux-headers and then sudo xbps-query --list-repolock-pkgs, I again get:
linux-headers-4.16_1 and not linux-headers

From the manpage:

repolock, repounlock
Set or unset the repolock mode for each PKGNAME.  A package in
repolock mode will only accept updates that are available in the
same repository that was used for installing.  See also
--list-repolock-pkgs in xbps-query(1).

(maxice8 alter) #358

should open a github issue, forums are somewhat devoid of answers from people doing the work


You need to add the repository url to your repo pool if you want to update from that repo.


I’ve done that already and it’s ahead of the upstream one. position wise. That means I can download my own packages without explicitely specifiying the repository. It’s however a problem when there might be a more recent version in the upstream repository. That often happens with the linux kernel. For this I repolocked the meta package so that it will only update if there’s one in my repository. But it seems like it would lock the meta package to a specific version and not update it at all as long as the repolock exists. No matter if there’s an update.