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Your WTFs and frustrations in Void


I wanted to remove sudo, because I always do a su and think sudo is not required. It’s a totally unnecessary package, but then I found out sudo is part of base-system. Until now, that’s my only WTF with Void.

… Ahh, and is there any xbps log file where I can see all actions someone did with xbps? Thanks.


XBPS sends full installation, removal, etc. history to the system log. Unfortunately, Void doesn’t set up logging in the base install (my personal WTF and frustration with the distro), so you should probably set one up yourself. See the FAQ and Wiki sections if you decide you want to do that.

base-system is just a metapackage; you could just edit the template to remove the sudo(1) dependency, build with xbps-src, and force-install it. I would say that’s probably a bad idea but I do that myself so…


Your WTF had already been raised in previous topic. :wink:


I’d say there are more than one(at least for me). Since xbps allows you to install into the directory of your choice, I just manually install the packages I need instead of base-system.


@fungalnet: I have the feeling that you take things too personally. I didn’t understand the answer, that I should use aliases, when I complained about the xbps syntax (actually, compared to the syntax of other package managers it’s ok, see https://wiki.voidlinux.eu/Rosetta_stone but your reply “Was your career in customer service? Did you get bonus for unloading the most hits?” is to me bashing.

One must admit, that cr6 does a lot of work. @cr6: thanks a million for your help!

By the way: in a multi-boot system (other linuxes) it seems to me, that update-grub is not allways sufficient after the installation of another linux. Sometimes I have to do grub-install beforehand to get the voidlinux grub-menue on boot.

(Adomas Jackevičius) #304

Few days ago I made a fresh install of Void Linux on my main workstation. I was frustrated few times at some poins. Some packages are incomplete (for example does not create a required dir), other packages does not pull vital deps and so on. But anyway I like Void a lot :slight_smile: love the ideas and how some of the things are excecuted… I hope Void will continue to grow and musl on desktop will become a common thing.


Which ones, precisely?

(Adomas Jackevičius) #306

To be precise, when installing SDDM it does not create /var/lib/sddm which is required to run SDDM. I have to create it manually and chown to sddm:sddm.

About packages missing deps is a bit harder as there is a lot of them when installing KDE Plasma desktop (at least minimal version). For example plasma-pa (PulseAudio plasmoid) does not pull pulseaudio package, while it shoud (?) and simillar things…


does this happen in musl?

(Adomas Jackevičius) #308

In my case, yes it happens on musl. I did not try glibc version yet.


The service creates the directory. https://github.com/voidlinux/void-packages/blob/master/srcpkgs/sddm/files/sddm/run

(Adomas Jackevičius) #310

Oh maybe then it is fixed. Few days ago when I did a fresh install it did not create on x86_64-musl. Or maybe it only creates on glibc version?


I really like Void. Void is the best. I have a problem using Firefox to print to a pdf or ps file. I think this is common in all newer versions of Firefox so I use an older 45.9 version from mozilla.

Does anybody else have this problem or is this my setup of configuration error. Here is a link to a file produced by Firefox print to file in pdf. The blocky dot matrix type font is all wrong and the web page is unreadable. The print to pdf works fine in the older Firefox 45.9 version.


(R.J.) #312

I believe it’s firefox


Thanks for the information. I thought I might be alone with this problem.

I am staying on Firefox 45.9 then until they fix the printing on the newer versions if ever.

(Masato the Empty) #314

I print to pdf in firefox all the time with no problem. So the problem has to be more than just “firefox doesn’t work” in that there must be specific circumstances in which it doesn’t work. now figuring that out might be tough…

EDIT: the problem might warrant its own thread… this one is just random stuff. With a new thread you might get the attention of people who have seen and solved this before, or who might at the least have an idea of what the problem could be.

Your FTWs (for the wins) and delights in void

OK, thats what I was afraid of. Thanks.

Started thread: https://forum.voidlinux.eu/t/firefox-print-to-pdf-and-ps-files-unreadable/5288


Thank you everybody. Installed socklog now, I think it fits my needs.


I like everything about Void and I have deployed it on both desktops and servers. I have also written a tutorial on how to install Void with LUKS encryption on a BIOS system, and an article about Void on my website: http://www.unixsheikh.com/

Being a bit rusty in Git rebasing, I did some mistake on a pull request for a new package I made. I wish the developers (or maintainers) who responded would have helped by showing what commands was needed to resolve the issue rather than just hinting and making useless comments: https://github.com/voidlinux/void-packages/pull/13120#issuecomment-381476173

I became rather frustrated in the end, gave up, and closed the pull request and made a new one.

The issue reminded me of the “old days” when both OpenBSD and Debian was considered very hostile communities on IRC and their mailing lists because every single problem was addressed with comments like “RTFM” and “Read the error message”, even when people was really trying to solve an issue. A part of the Arch developer community is like that now a days.

I hope the community in Void doesn’t become like that.

If you take the time to comment and write something to someone who is having a problem, you might as well be really helpful and make it easy to solve the problem. If you don’t intent to help, then don’t say anything. Also please remember that documentation can be lacking in precise examples, easy to misunderstand, or simply not specific enough. You can be very helpful by showing a person what to do.

I’m not talking about “hand holding instructions” for someone who obviously haven’t done any kind of homework at all.

Lets keep the Void community a warm, welcoming, and helping one!

(david paulos) #319

i have a small cli front end for xbps https://github.com/davidpaulos/XbpsUI might help though it only helps with installing/removing packages