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Xfce4-battery-plugin unresponsive

(hiten) #1

I installed void with xfce on my laptop, but the battery plugin on my panel won’t change: it’s permanently stuck at 0%, and I am having trouble finding any packages for it in the repos. Any pointers? Thanks in advance!

(m4k5) #2

Do not worry about it. This can only mean lower charges for electricity :wink: .

But seriously … Check configurations of the plug and power management settings.


This is a xfce bug. I get the same thing.

(m4k5) #4

THIS may explain something …

(Benjamin) #5

Intresting, seems to be a problem with more people than just me. Could you check if xfce-power-manager > devices shows the correct information? For me that page is right while the xfce bar plugin is frozen at whatever my battery was at when I logged it.