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XbpsUI - script opinions

(david paulos) #1

i made a small/simple script that helps me with the installing and removing of packages would like some opinions on it https://github.com/davidpaulos/XbpsUI


My only edit :blush:

sed -i s:debian:Xbps:g XbpsUI.sh 

A function to add or remove package hold would be helpful.


Bom trabalho :grin:
(Good work)

(david paulos) #4

ok will try
the debian part is a leftover for a similar script i did for a friend to prepare to do this one
sorry guys will be updated

(david paulos) #5

already done thanks for the advice

(david paulos) #6

obrigado (Thanks):smiley:

(david paulos) #7

does someone know how to make a package for void???

(maxice8's favorite salad) #8

yes, what you need ?

(david paulos) #9

i wanted to package my script so it can be included in the repos how can i do this


Fork the repo on github and clone your repo locally.
Create a building template and build the package using xbps-src.
Do a pull request.