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Xbps mirrors?


Is there any way to set up mirrors for xbps? At the moment it appears that if multiple mirrors of the same repository it appears to just download the database from all of them, and only attempts to download the actual packages from the first listed, ignoring the others even if the first is down.
Is there no way to use proper mirrors, checking only the first from each repo unless it is down?

(Michael Aldridge) #2

XBPS only will pull from one of each mirror. Using multiple mirrors and selecting the fastest/nearest/etc (like yum) is not supported at this time.


Is this ever planned in the future? Is there any workaround?

(The_Fred) #4

I think you’re describing a load balancer. Lots of ways to set it up. I think for searching on solutions look up “load balacning” and maybe “round-robin”.


No, not at all! Just think about if the main mirror goes down. No one will be able to update or download any packages without manually replacing the url of the mirror with another in each config. What I want is to have one mirror, then below it have another which is only checked if the first is down.


Usually someone notices and posts a message on here, and the mirror comes back up within a day or two. It doesn’t often happen though. e.g.

(Michael Aldridge) #7

This is a feature that may surface in a later version of XBPS, but there are several features we’re looking to get off the ground before this one. As far as the main repo going down, we make every effort to maintain a stable service profile.


Is there a timeline or list of things that need to be addressed first?

(de69ja) #9

have never had any problems with the mirrors.
But in the last week,im not able to access voidlinux.eu website without a cyclic redirect error … unless i use a bloated browser like Firefox or Chrome - that said,i dont think there would be a connection between them … but a heads up anyway.


I also experienced this with dillo, it won’t load up voidlinux.eu due to the same “cyclic redirect”

(Michael Aldridge) #11

The redirect was my fault, sorry about that. It turns out that certain types of redirect to upgrade to SSL are not well supported and will instead trigger a cyclic redirect warning in a number of browsers.

As far as the question of the timeline for backup mirrors, there are a number of tasks with indeterminate time-lines ahead of this feature. We are currently working to prioritize a list of features and hope to have some a roadmap by the end of the summer.


Thanks for your work Michael