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X - primitive XBPS wrapper

(Leszek Cimała) #1

Hi VoidLinux friends.

I made a simple XBPS wrapper. It has an Alpine style interface, which uses very simple commands like: add, del, update…
In addition script can simplify runit service management.

You can find more on:

It is really nothing special, but for some - it can be helpful, but for hardcore Void users it can be… ridiculous. And I understand it. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Changed link, repo name has changed.

(maxice8 alter) #2
  1. flatpack -> flatpak
  2. having single word binaries is generally reserved for user aliases , but meh.

(Leszek Cimała) #3
  1. Thanx!
  2. True, but x is short :-).


why not xb ? :slightly_smiling_face: (just a thought…)

In my aliases I usually have:

alias xbup='xbps-install -Su'

(Leszek Cimała) #5

Well, I see, that so short name is controversial. And probably You are right, I will think about it and change it somehow. Actually implementing flatpak. I love that technology, but interface is … not optimal, so I am fighting with its quirks and inconsistencies. I will change the name after I am done.

(Leszek Cimała) #6

cr6 thanx for good name, so xb is it!

I added repo management functions for glibc versions. Also flatpak is already there, but it needs more polishing and testing.