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Would Gnome continue to be ported to Void?

(Frankie Wilde) #1

Hi guys,

I grew up to like quite a lot Gnome overtime which is a pity given that the same people are pushing for systemd. I have tried all possible desktop environments(including even the rarest one like etoile) but nothings suits my needs and habits better than the Gnome desktop.

Having said all that we are 3 iterations behind. I remember a post in October that version 3.22 is cooking up, but following the tweets of Gottox, the main contributor, it is highly unlikely that we would see a new version. If we add to that the rumors that starting from 3.24 gnome-sessions will be replaced by systemd sessions the picture gets darker.

My main source of hope remains Budgie desktop especially with the announcement that they would be deGnomeing and switching to QT.

Does anyone have some insider information where are we going with this ?

P.S. I am not intending to start another flame war. Please stick to topic only :slight_smile:



I take it you tried Cinnamon & Mate which is like gnome 2 used to be when they cared about user input…

Personally I prefer even lighter, little more than a file manager and application launcher oh and maybe a task bar with systray… and that’s as bloated as I can bare!

But its horses for courses, if you really are bothered there are some very configurable desktops out there that you can hammer into your own vision of whats required…

Of course if your really want to see support then compile it for yourself and contribute the packages, I think there are only just enough developers who understand the build process to cope with what is currently maintained…

(Pierre Bourgin) #4

I plan to package gnome 3.22, but right now I’m stuck on Network Manager 1.6 packaging. I don’t have that much spare time, so it’s getting slow. Be patient :wink:


Are you aware of Dantrell B.'s patchset to enable GNOME Without systemd? Currently this is only provided (via overlays & profiles) for Gentoo; but it should be possible to port this work to Void.


Hey @frankie_wilde sorry I am using this 'old thread to say this, I have been away for a while but I kept reading the forums a bit.

Gnome was just updated to 3.22 as I can see in xbps-src, so that answers your question.

However, I can see some new packages related to systemd got updated too. My best guess is so that Gnome will work properly. But as you pointed out, 3.22 seem to be the final version for us, with 3.24 depending on systemd… That may be (overcomable?) yet one thing is patching and another doing a developers job…

I would like to see how we can work on KDE Plasma (since it is supposed to work without systemd while loosing some functionality) and in Budgie, but a transition from GTK to Qt will be long and pretty unstable I guess.

(Frankie Wilde) #8

Hey @ferviron thanks for bringing this up. I am in the same boat as you. Most of all fantastic job from whoever is involved in porting 3.22.

I believe KDE Plasma will depend on systemd quite soon as well. At least this is what their official position is. Maybe it will be soft dependencies for a while, but not long. Anyways I tried KDE Neon recently but don’t find Plasma to be nowhere near as polished and intuitive as Gnome - heavier, lots of bloatware, all in all not my cup of tea.

As for Budgie, they extended the roadmap for the 11.0 iteration to second quarter of 2017 so yes it will definitely take a while. Besides my favorite feature from Gnome, the Activities are missing anyway.

The way things are going I think anyone hooked up on Gnome will eventually switch to systemd for the sake of progress.

The rest of the crowd, especially those fans of tiling managers would probably hang on for quite some time as there is now an increasing number of non-systemd distros.

Time will tell…


Dark days ahead indeed (pun anyone?)

KDE Neon is one of the most polished KDE distros to exist, if that does not buy you (not like you have to sell your soul :smile:)… I do believe the KDE project is going places, Plasma is with it’s latest versions one of the best things in the *nix paradise, but their goal is noticeable different from Gnome (not that i hold no anger against them, I am posting this from Gnome itself). But the KDE project made public that while they wanted to integrate themselves further into systemd while remaining compatible with non-systemd OSes (note the BSD world). But as you said, it is just matter of time.

Lets hope that xfce and MATE will keep up with times and stay systemd-free. But if Gnome is your preference, no other DE gets to its simplicity and updated feel and use. Lets put our hopes in Budgie :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh, and it is very interesting the last tweet that was posted in the official account. The Guix project is thanked… It seems the Gnu leute are actively trying to keep compatibility and willing to help… Good to know :smile: