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Wireless monitor device?



Is anyone aware, or using some kind of wireless monitor connection with Void Linux? I would like to put up a large, wall mounted monitor but not have to use a DVI/HDMI cable to connect it. I read a bit about miraclecast etc but that seems to be dependant on systemd. Not looked too hard yet but thought it might save me time to ask you ppl first :slight_smile:


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(Kieran Coldron) #3

What exactly would you be using the “wireless” monitor for?


I want to wall mount it and use it for watching video streams.

(Erin) #5

MiracleCast seems to be the only MiraCast software for Linux and, as you say, has a hard systemd dependency. There are other alternative approaches such as a small form factor PC behind the TV (wireless or Bluetooth peripherals) or DLNA. Kodi or Plex, for example, may be worth looking at.


Thanks Erin, I’ll check them out.

(Erin) #7

Should say of course that those two applications require the screen to have a network connection. Kodi appears to be more scalable with plugins to do all sorts of shenanigans.

(Kieran Coldron) #8

A chromecast + something like this https://github.com/Pat-Carter/stream2chromecast would possibly work well for your use case.


Thanks Epictek, that looks promising.


You’re not avoiding cabling; the TV has a power cord. So use the power wiring for more than power. On the electrical outlet’s other plug, add ethernet-over-power and ethernet-to-HDMI adapters. Depending on the wall you could hide such adapters behind a plate.