Wine-3.9 and wine-staging-3.9 (64+32 bit unofficial)


If anyone is interested in having wine 64+32 bit and or the staging version, I took some time to make it happen.

However I will keep it unofficial since when looking at this:

It’s a refuse for valid reasons but whatever.
It might never end up in upstream.

Build it by yourself

git clone
cd void-tainted-pkgs
git checkout -b wine origin/wine
./xbps-src binary-bootstrap
./xbps-src -m masterdir-i686 binary-bootstrap i686
./xbps-src -j $(nproc) pkg wine-staging (or wine)
./xbps-src -j $(nproc) -m masterdir-i686 wine-staging (or wine)
sudo xbps-install --repository=hostdir/binpkgs/wine/multilib/ wine-staging-32bit (or wine-32bit)
sudo xbps-install --repository=hostdir/binpkgs/wine/ wine-staging (or wine)

The order of the installation is important. Install the 32bit package always first. Same goes for reinstall. Otherwise it won’t work.

Don’t forget to setup your wineprefix before starting any app!


use the wine64 command. It will execute 32bit Programms just fine.

Note: I do apply wine-pba on wine-staging-3.6. It’s a patchset meant to improve performance for some games. you can disable it by changing /srcpkgs/wine-staging/template


Note2: If it tries to compile the dependencies (which will take forever), do:

git remote add upstream
git fetch --all
git pull --rebase upstream/master

Note 3:
If you use a ryzen cpu affected by the segfault issue replace $(nproc) with the amount of physical cores. and check dmesg for segfaults when the build fails.

For further help RTFM:

Or just use the precompiled binary over my repository if you trust me :wink:

xbps-install -S --repository= wine-staging-32bit
xbps-install -S --repository= wine-staging

The official repositories don’t have a wine-staging. So no need for xbps-pkgdb -m hold.

Wine on Void
(Steve) #2

Wonderful, thank you! I had worked on this awhile back with wine-staging 2.2.x and didn’t get too far. It was frustrating.


Updated to 3.9. It should also be in the custom repo in a few minutes.

(Nikola Pavlica) #4

To get automatically updated you can create a configuration file /etc/xbps.d/10-repository-coldbyte-wine-multilib.conf with the contents being something like: repository= same goes with the other one, just don’t use the same filename.


hmm, the repo seems to be down. but the compiling instructions are working!


It had a 100% uptime in the last few days. It’s limited to 1 MB/s per connection. The upload bandwith is pretty limited overall. Sorry for that.

I’d need a solution if too many want to download at the same time.

I made the repo for those who are too lazy to compile it x). It’s not like wine get’s constant updates all the time.

(Nikola Pavlica) #7

And may I ask why are VAAPI backend and GTK3 theming disabled in the Staging tab in winecfg? I use both regularely and it would be nice if they were enabled. Please do this if you can.


I will see what I can do. Wasn’t wine 4.0 already released?


Wine 3.10 was released just today! It’d be nice to have some binary packages (compiling on an old bulldozer processor isn’t exactly fun).

Hmm, I’m recompiling and I get this error when compiling the 32-bit version:

[okabe@sg0 void-nexo]$ ./xbps-src -j $(nproc) -m masterdir-i686 wine-staging
=> Using `/home/okabe/Downloads/void-nexo/hostdir/binpkgs/wine' as local repository.
=> ERROR: xbps-src: invalid target wine-staging.

same goes for wine.

(maxice8 alter) #10

./xbps-src -j $(nproc) -m masterdir-i686 pkg wine-staging


Hm I cant find any build options to enable these. Are there some compile time dependencies required for these features in order to be enabled?