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[Wiki] Added Apache & MariaDB

(Malte) #1

Hi guys,

started with this two articles, what you think?


I need some help to set it up, maybe somebody want to help.



(David) #2

Regarding Apache there’s a nasty typo in your last LoadModule line, and the mysql_install_db command for MariaDB seems redundant as the installer already creates the tables. Other than that the rest seems OKish, I’m following your instructions myself to get a LAMP server running on Void :slight_smile:

(Malte) #3

Thanks. Fixed both.

(oliver) #4

This is a really minor point but in the mariadb article you describe it as ‘widely spread’ and I think ‘widely used’ is more appropriate (or even “… is a popular, multi-threaded, multi-user SQL database”)

Don’t take this as a criticism because I’m really happy you took the initiative to do add articles!