Why xbps installing old kernel

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I am running 4.17.4_1 and run vkpurge to get rid of all old kernels.
This morning, running xbps, it wants to install kernel 4.16.18_1, why would this happen?

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From memory, the current kernel metapackage was just updated too, possibly when you last ran xbps. It is always worth checking the update before selecting Y and not using the -y switch with xbps-install.

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Thanks for the quick reply mate :slight_smile:


Just using vkpurge does not uninstall a pkg.

You have to manually remove linux4.16 when you want the package (kernel) to not receive any more updates.

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linux as the main kernel pkg changed from 4.16 to 4.17
linux4.16 will still update to the latest version of 4.16
linux4.17 will be installed automatically as long as linux is installed.
vkpurge will remove the previous versions of the kernel leaving the latest but you are in control of what it removes. Just look at what you have in /boot and “vkpurge list” will list what can be removed.

Does linux4.17 have the speck cypher disabled in it? I did a search and found no reference to speck (NSA’s cryptography module)

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$ grep SPECK /boot/config-4.17.5_1

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Excellent, I have only found that Artix and antiX have it turned off, so void fits right in the club of healthy distros :slight_smile:

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Good to know!
Hard to trust anything from (lets not write their name) :slight_smile: