Why are the github threads locked?

(James Aanderson) #1

It might seem like somebody doesn’t want to talk about this?

Been a linux since kernel 0.98, and there is clearly a lot of folks who don’t know or don’t remember. Every 5 years or so there is a buyout of a major sector of the market, accompanied by a ton of astroturfing. And people go: “Hmmm, maybe it won’t be as bad as the last time”, because that is what they read in their favourite media source (right next to a MS ad). And then they slowly get sucked into busted compatability over the next year with apparently trivial patches and upgrades. And then after you are hooked, the price on the dope goes up, and you have to reengineer half of your internal systems because it is either that or pay 1k$ per seat to stay compatible.

Github is not as bad as it looks. It is way worse. And the pain will only get worse the longer VOID waits to migrate. Incidentally I saw a rumor that gitlab is run on azure. So there may be a case of chasing the fox to the hounds going on. I don’t know the SCM market, so I can’t really comment. But I do know that waiting is a bad idea. It was a bad idea every time this happened before.

Yes I understand this is a huge kick in the balls. I can only imagine how much work this has caused. But please start planning now. This is going to become more of a problem the longer you wait.

(maxice8 alter) #2

It has been decided

Void Linux is migrating to a new GitHub organization at void-linux, effective day 15 of this month

They are moving to GCP

There is no competitor that provides as much resources in the form of Travis for us for free as GitHub does.


The people who do most of the actual work and know the build system etc very well discussed everything and made a decision.

Void, like many open source projects, isn’t a democracy. Sry if that sounds harsh or something but not everything is discussed with the broader community.

(James Aanderson) #4


Good to hear that the matter has been given some serious consideration. I took a slightly different impression from the forum threads. I think you all do a great job, and I’m sure that whatever the solution is it will be a good one. I was just a bit concerned for the future of my favourite OS.