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What's the goal of the wiki?


Hey everyone.

I’ve just started with out using void and I’m definitely pretty into it. I’ve been looking through the wiki and I’ve seen that it doesn’t have too many posts. I would love to contribute to it. I was just wondering what the overall goal of the wiki was though. I would love to run through a few installs, a couple different partition setups and some window managers and just document what I’ve found to work. That being said, I don’t just want to carbon copy the arch wiki and I do find a lot of what is in there to still be applicable to void.

I was just wondering what level of contribution is wanted. Should I document and submit everything, even if some of it is somewhat of a copy of other sources?

Thanks for the feedback

(David) #2

What a coincidence that someone asks, because just yesterday I updated the old [TODO page] (https://wiki.voidlinux.eu/Help:Contents) trying to set some definite goals for the short run.

I don’t think that replicating the Arch Wiki is a good idea, I find it a convoluted mass of information that is replicating a good part of the documentation from a ton of software applications. Take the article about VirtualBox for example, which goes to great lengths to explain everything anyone might need to know about the software, no matter if it affects their distro or not or if that documentation is readily available from upstream.

Just a few hours ago (I tell you, your question arrives with excellent timing…) I tried to install VirtualBox on Void and use an old image I created in Mint months ago, only to get the dreared “can’t find the kernel module, -1908 yadda yadda” error. I then went to check the article about VB in our wiki and found I wouldn’t have had such problem if I just had bothered first to check it out and follow the simple instructions a fellow Void user (developer?) had posted 2 years ago. In fact, he did it in such a smart way that the information still remains valid today. And nobody had to write 50kB of wikitext when 2kB will suffice for most people.

I know I may be oversimplifying things but that’s how I see it. In the short run at least, I think we should focus on updating/organizing the documentation available and possibly writing new articles that help shortening the gap wrt more popular distros. How do you replace the login manager? What are the exact requirements of every flavour of Void? Can I install .deb packages anyhow? What if I want to install Apache, or a complete LAMP server? etc…

Those are my two euros at least.


In my opinion, the Void wiki should be as trimmed-down as possible and consist of concise articles specific to Void. The Arch wiki exists and applies to nearly every distro already, so that’s where the majority of information should be coming from, then our wiki’s job is to fill in the gaps wrt the differences between Void and Arch.

For example, I wrote our wiki’s page on Midnight Commander. Aside from the quirk mentioned on the wiki page, there’s very little difference between using Midnight Commander on Void vs Arch, so the Arch wiki could be consulted for more information

There’s nothing saying we couldn’t replicate or rewrite Arch wiki pages here on the Void wiki, but it seems like a duplication of effort imho

I strongly agree with this. And if anybody wants to read the 50kB wikipage, the Arch wiki is their answer


I my opinion the Void wiki is a case of “Quality Over Quantity”. The articles are written in a clear and concise way that makes them very useful and a joy to read.

(Xlaits Xavier) #5

Except for the fact that the networking page is rather useless. I needed to use wext, which was not mentioned at all, and also offers no help when trying to connect to hotel or other ToS-acceptant APs for cli, and does not help with wpa_cli errors and issues.

(David) #6

How about doing something about it? :slight_smile:

I am good writing documentation but I’m too new to Linux to write something useful from scratch, so the usefulness of the wiki depends mostly on you people who find the holes and know how to plug them.

(Xlaits Xavier) #7

That’s actually what I was planning on doing, once I get the stupid ‘ToS Access Point’ thing solved.

(Michael Aldridge) #8

The wiki is to provide the minimum amount of information necessary to use and maintain a Void Linux system. Note that this does not mean that it will teach you about Runit (go upstream for that, the docs are excellent). It contains information about our package manager, bringing up a system after a base install, and other tasks that are Void specific. If you need information about a general topic of program, I would recommend the Arch Linux wiki or a project’s upstream documentation (we do not provide, endorse, or accept patches that alter a program’s behavior from that of upstream except in very few documented cases).