What WM are you using?

(Kevin Moses) #81

Tmux and the command line.
Usually just the command line, and it is effing awesome.


I’ve been using spectrwm for about two years with 6 lines in .spectrwm.conf¹, so we seem to agree on rules of conduct. Besides it’s quite a paring down from Haskell-induced requirements.

¹ Two of which disable the built-in bar and the window border. Some people prefer to put key bindings into wm’s config, I use xbindkeys, both ways are right.

(Travis Sturzl) #84

Was thinking about doing the same, but web browsers are useful and shell based browsers don’t work with much of the modern web.

(Kevin Moses) #85

Youd be surprised at how much you don’t need a graphic browser.
I can do just about anything from a command line that you could do with a GUI.
I will say this that if you use your monitor as a TV, then you will need to make some planning.

In my case I just bought a Roku, which actually added functionality to my setup because now i have a remote control that I could control videos and things from my bed.
I highly recommend the Roku even if you have a GUI, because of the remote control alone.

If you don’t use it as a TV, I promise you these distractions that gui systems bring with them are a welcome ancillary benefit. Anytime I have to go back to a GUI browser or something like that after having 3 or 4 months using a command line only setup, I’ll start getting a headache. Plus having to use my mouse again it just is annoying.

There is compromise obviously but if you give it an honest try I bet you that you could live without a GUI base system.

(Travis Sturzl) #86

There are things I’m pretty confident keep me bound to using a GUI, such as voice conference, screen share for pair programming, being able to use our project management software, etc. Most of this is browser based, so there are things I simply cannot do without a graphical browser without forcing the change on an entire company.

I do agree that using the mouse sucks, but there are ways around that. I use i3, so I use key bindings to change window focus, move windows around, etc. So no mouse needed for my window manager. Then I use a vim keys plugin(cVim) in the browser so I can navigate a page, open tabs and windows, follow links, etc with vim keys. So I don’t use a mouse much in the browser.


Enlightenment here on laptop and desktop. Love it.

(Kevin Moses) #88

You can pair program with tmux and vim. Here is link on how that could be done:

You could use an IRC chat program connect that to a window in your tmux session, and still use vim.
Here is a program for just such a use case:

Here is another IRC client for tmux:

The point is if there’s a will there’s a way.

I am convinced that most of the stuff people think they can’t do from the command line, isn’t really a barrier anymore.

There are also many industrial type applications that allow you to conference call from the command line. Cisco sales one. But that is WAy out there, not knowing your project goals.

Like I said there are a few compromises you have to make, but most of the stuff, you can do from the command line.

Plus with tmux you can detach and reattach sessions, so that you don’t lose your workflow. You can connect to those sessions from anywhere from any machine, etc. Tmux is like your tiling Window Manager on steroids.


I’m still using wmutils and if something like that exists on wayland I will choose that as well.

You can just do about everything you can like bspwm and alike but its so flexible it BLOWS YOUR MIND.

(Travis Sturzl) #90

Well our conference software barely works in Linux as it is, so the idea that a CLI or support for a standard protocol will come out is unrealistic. I use tmux in terminal still. Also I’m not the sole person who decides what software everyone uses in the company. If I have to pair with a web developer on something and tell him to use tmux and he prefers to use a graphical IDE, well brick wall I can’t see it and I can’t force him to adopt my way of doing things, and if he did then how the hell would he develop for a modern browser without being able to see what he’s doing for the very browsers he’s targeting? You can tell me till tomorrows end about how I “could” go GUI-less, but I assure you that I simply cannot and continue having my job.


Dude, I just wanted to be a hipster by using i3-gaps, but now I see that is the most voted WM here.


(Erin) #92

Desktops are like romantic partners… may not be the best but too much effort to change to something else. If it works for you, big tick.

(Jordan) #93

@Kevin, taking it one step further for your TV needs - you can play videos directly to the framebuffer using mpv!

laughs manically

(Kevin Moses) #94

I know it is possible but framebuffers really suck.
But you ought to try the command line only operating system, it is distraction-free.

(Benjamín Albiñana) #95

Till you find https://github.com/dobyrch/termboy


dwm with cdm as login manager

(Steve R) #97

Good analogy. I tried i3 for a bit to see what all the fuss was about. But I couldn’t get it to behave exactly like my xmonad config, so I went back.

(Travis Sturzl) #98

Must… find something… more esoteric!

You could use rat poison and be part of the 1%

(Travis Sturzl) #99

I might steal this.


I have a small list of wm’s and my xinitrc rotates over them every few days, currently the list includes fluxbox, i3, openbox, snapwm, spectrwm.

Notable exclusions:

  • dwm, it crashes if a window title contains an emoji