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What WM are you using?

(jacky) #21

thanks, I will try later


I am now reading the IceWM documentation and found this:

Focus models
IceWM implements four general focus models:

    Exactly like Win95, OS/2 Warp. When window is clicked with a mouse, it is raised and activated.

    Window is raised and focused when titlebar or frame border is clicked. Window is focused but not raised when window interior is clicked.

    When the mouse is moved, focus is set to window under a mouse. It should be possible to change focus with the keyboard when mouse is not moved.

    When a window is clicked, it is activated, but not raised. New windows do not automatically get the focus unless they are transient windows for the active window.

Detailed configuration is possible using the configuration file options.

the “clickToFocus” model fits perfectly with the functionality I wanted!
and no XML or other redundant markup for configuration files!!
I already like it! :+1:

IceWM is not completely unknown to me but I don’t remember having used it regularly and I perceived it as something old and abandoned…
I was pleased to discover today that it is currently in development (last commit on github is 4 days ago).

thank you very much @liber1, I will certainly try it!


Hi @paoloschi,

When you access the menu from the task bar, you can choose from two types of focus on the go, in my case, at least, instead of the four mentioned in the documentation - preferences file.

Then, to be more thorough, you have these levels of layers that allow to overlap windows, focus in the ones beneath and not have them raised, when you right click the title bar of a window: Menu, Above Dock, Dock, OnTop, Normal, Below and Desktop.

Glad could help you.

(Erin) #24

It cannot be a bad thing. People of a common mind sharing tips for themselves and others.


This starts to get the shape I was expecting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
openbox, i3 and other at the top…
Still not statisticaly significant, given the number of votes at the moment.

(Greg Fitzgerald) #26

I used i3/i3-gaps for several years but recently switched over to bspwm. I much prefer how the windows stack by default. It also has gaps built in so no need for a patch.


Bspwm for the win!

I don’t understand the logic of i3’s window stacking and Awesome has too much stuff (panel, menus and so on).

Bspwm just works perfectly, has built-in gaps support and I really like the sxhkd for all my shortcuts, such as conky (instead of the panel), rofi and everything else.

It’s also the most convenient to me. I like herbstluftwm too, but it’s too slow.


I started using Linux on my PCs full time with Crunchbang, so my go-to for a long time has been Openbox. Great, simple, comfortable, easy to configure.

But this past week I started ricing bspwm with polybar and pywal, and while I still have a ways to go before I’m as comfy as I was on Openbox, I don’t think I’m going back. :sunglasses: The tiling and the on-the-fly window management with sxhkd shortcuts is just so nice.


what is it about fluxbox you find weird ?

(maxice8's favorite salad) #30

fluxbox would group similar windows when changing focus so alt tab would go

1st window (not in any group) -> 2nd window (in group A) -> 1st window -> 2nd window -> 3rd window (in group A)

it threw me off.


Fluxbox here for years. bspwm is my second favorite. Maybe some day I’d do the switch.

I always had a soft spot for cwm, but it’s not EWMH compliant and sometimes bugs me for that, so I don’t use it in my main system.

I use Alt+Tab and Super+Tab to move around grouped tabs or all the windows respectively. I always worked flawlessly, but recently Super+Tab sometimes works and sometimes does nothing. Haven’t changed a thing in the configs. Maybe it’s a bug or a changed feature/config. I really don’t know.

(Ioan) #32

bspwm for two reasons

1 conky via padding
2 works well with polybar and can set modules-right = xwindow bspwm


2bwm is the best for me


@mashn does polybar work with 2bwm ?


I’m using i3. It’s my favorite since years.

After using openbox for a longer time as a standard on my one and only desktop PC and then, after this PC was replaced by a notebook, I realized very fast that obenbox is the wrong wm without connecting a mouse. … I saw tiling WMs always everywhere in the internet and I’ve always been interested in using one of these but I never did.

So, I thought now is the time and used at first awesome. It was relatively new at this time and I heard only good things about. After installation I liked it very much. But since I didn’t know Lua, I had to read wikis, forum topics etc. in order to change things; … OK, you have to do that all the time, also with plain text (bash) scripts/files etc., but it is a bit different and sometimes confusing if you have no experience. … Everything worked fine for a time, but at some point something was broken and I didn’t get it to work again.

That was the time I found i3 :smile: what was nearly the same, only with “normal” configuration files in a language I knew. … Since that day I’m with i3 and I love it.

Besides from everything written above: I always were a keyboard guy… also in Windows (@work) I do as much as I can only with using the keyboard. In my opinion that’s faster and for me more intuitive. That’s why a tiling fits perfectly for me.


Although i have used Openbox a couple of times and XFCE in the past, i have been on a kwin/KDE trip for years now (it even prevented me from switching to Void until it had Plasma 5) - but right now, i’m finally in the process of switching to an environment that is a bit more, well, platform-agnostic, and that is…Emacs.

So, in short, i’m in the process of switching to EXWM, which i’m currently using on both Void and FreeBSD (and it’s actually my first tiling wm, lol)


Super cool i3/i3-gaps …

(Jean-Raymond) #38

I discovered Void when looking at people rice, and since I was going for new stuff I picker Herbstluftwm, mostly because I can’t pronounce it. I also like to use i3 for work.


Yes, but I use lemonbar.

(Edmond Dantes ) #40

for me polybar is just too haevy to fit in a WM and completely defies the purpose of using a WM over a DE. Same thing goes for using lxpanel/xfce4-panel/vala-panel. Unless obviously this is done almost purely in view of customization.

Anyway @mashn gave probably the best hint with lemonabar. A couple of other alternatives, which usually are undeservedly ignored by most of the users, are: