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What WM are you using?


On another thread here in the forum I got this suggestion Something is not right? [Solved]

So, I’m asking… Would it be useful to have WM configuration threads? Should a category be created for these? Yesterday, I found over 40 :hushed: WM’s with xbps-query, It would be impossible to have all of them in a poll. My apologies if your favorite is not listed here :disappointed_relieved:

What WM are you using, then?

  • awesome
  • bspwm
  • dwm
  • i3/i3-gaps
  • herbstluftwm
  • fluxbox
  • openbox
  • fvwm
  • icewm
  • jwm
  • ratpoison
  • Other

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So, I go first… awesome
It can be, as simple or as complex you want it to be. Mainly keyboard driven but, it has really nice mouse support and has a panel by default. I’m addicted to tiling now and I’m trying to convince IT at work to let me use bug.n on Windows or, at least get me a tiling option.


Can we vote twice? :grin: mainly fluxbox, but also openbox.


I used i3 for years but I’ve been back to StumpWM for a few months now. They’re pretty similar but I’m a total Common Lisp fanboy :slight_smile:

(Edmond Dantes ) #5

I like openbox for its modern themes and aestetics-tuning potentiality. However I spend most of my time on FVWM, regardless of the computer/OS hence that’s the one I voted


I’ve been using openbox ever since I started using Linux, because it’s just so simple and robust.

I’ve started to play around with cwm recently though, it seems pretty interesting.


I really like JWM. Configuring the menu is very easy. JWM is very light weight without a lot of things I don’t want. Very fast.


Thanks! Don’t forget to vote :arrow_up:


I’ve settled with IceWM after using KDE, XFCE, Fluxbox (for many years). Use it with dmenu and Rox-filer for the desktop.
IceWM is light, solid, has nice taskbar applets for CPU, memory and network (maybe for disk, too, but not using it).

There are key combinations to send windows to other virtual desktops, to maximize horizontally, vertically, fully. There’s also some tiling support when windows are not overlapped.

I’m yet to configure notion to suit my taste, for a manual tiling window manager. Don’t like dynamic tiling window managers.


openbox here (voted), by many years in spite I don’t like so match that its configuration file format because XML is not at all script-friendly format with which one can simply interact from dash or bash (obviously, for the same reason, I love his pipe-menus a lot!); beyond this, the obconf panel does not cover all possible settings…

just a few days ago I started playing with the wmutils-core and wmutils-opt packages: I would like a lot to put together some script and build myself the “perfect” WM for my taste (which must be of the floating type 'cause tiles and primary control only from keyboard are not for me…)

until 2011 I had -side by side with linux- a Amiga-like OS where it was natively possible to configure, among other things, the way to bring a window in the foreground which I’ve always preferred it to set by a double-click.
trivial example: think about when is needed to be done some copy&paste between two windows partially overlapping: If a single-click is enough to bring a window into the foreground, making this action will continuously have the disappearance of one under the other…
well: not that I have tried all the existing WM and DE linux (since when I use it: 2004) but so far never met a WM that allows this particular and obvious choice to the user… (I guess there are but it will not be the majority while this elementary option I would expect from any WM)

(Erin) #11

i3 (gaps should be a separate choice) with Openbox installed although never started. Think Awesome looks awesome but cannot be bothered to learn something else.

(maxice8's favorite salad) #12

no 2bwm :c

sadly i’m not using 2bwm because it doesn’t fully support EWMH, fluxbox has weird management, so i ended up with bspwm.


I would also like to have the choice to to vote for multiple wms because I use a lot of different ones …

And don’t forget “qtile” :wink:


Forgot to say that IceWM allows several levels of layer, so it’s easy to have, not two, but more windows overlapping each other, so that you always have the one you want over (or below, or in between). Just try IceWM!


Or tile them :joy:
Yeah! I know, it would be just too much to have them all.
Hey! You started this :rofl:

(jacky) #16

Hi, can you share your template to build StumpWM, I use i3 and would love to try StumpWm I too love Lisp…


No template. I just installed sbcl and checked out and installed StumpWM as described on the project page https://github.com/stumpwm/stumpwm/blob/master/README.md


I used dwm(1) for a while, but recently I’ve decided to try something really different, using rio(1), from plan9port, along with the rest of the included Plan 9 userspace. rio(1) on its own is not terribly interesting—it’s just a minimalist, mouse-oriented, floating WM—, but it’s been making sense to me in the context of the rest of the Plan 9 userspace. rio(1), 9term(1), rc(1), sam(1)/acme(1), and the rest of Plan 9’s utilities are designed with each other’s capabilities in mind, and together they fit very nicely. It’s worth a shot if you want something different and don’t mind adjusting your workflow to The Plan9 Way tee em.


Fluxbox most of the time.

But also use i3, fvwm, spectrwm, and awesome.


I’m pretty sure it was requested in another thread/section of this forum that users join the wiki and put these sort of HowTo’s there.