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What is your prefered Desktop Environment?


I’m big fan of WMs, at now herbstluftwm. I hate KDE, GNOME, XFCE but like LXQT the lightest DE.


eh xfce and lxqt have pretty much the same memory usage minus maybe 2 megs.



I started out in Void with Mate and had a hellish time trying to get cinnamon going. Apparently the secret was the dm: I’ve now switched to sddm instead of lxdm. I had tried xdm and slim, but those didn’t help.


I feel the same way now. I don’t really need a full DE. :smirk:

(Hans-Jürgen Kröner) #45

ATM it’s Cinnamon, tinkering with MATE in a VM.

(kny) #46

dwm for a while now.
Maybe one of my best idea in my life :slight_smile:


At the moment, i’m happy with herbstluft but that may change.
i also like xfce from time to time or even tmux if that counts :smiley:


JWM. Perfect WM for anyone that want to keep it simple without getting into tiling.


Fluxbox :laughing::laughing:


I’m using XFCE.

(Erin) #51

i3wm. About to replace all my Debian instances with Void and/or a BSD still with i3.


Cwm as my backup WM (I believe it is the smallest WM out there, very simple too). I usually work with spectrwm, which just feels and works like i3-gapps but… With more quality(?) It just feels better.

I soon may also use IceWM. I like the old feel of it, anyone can use it if I hand them my computer and (finally) the developed version of IceWM has been put in the repos :smiley:

(Simone ) #53

I used dwm a lot back in the days, moved to i3 some years ago and never changed.


Openbox standalone & Mate


JWM + tint2+ conky/lemonbar and idesk. :slight_smile:

(Nashat) #56

@lancs Could you post your dotfiles and your configuration? I’m trying to make a light weight desktop for my elderly parents.

(francesc) #57

I3 gaps with i3blocks :blush:


I have settled on xfce + compiz.

I know compiz not long for this world, but I so love wobbly windows and fire!

(maxice8's favorite salad) #59

2bwm, sadly it uses config.h which makes it not customizable without compiling yourself, happily we got xbps-src and i just keep a branch with my personal 2bwm patch


Sorry, I’ve changed my configuration, but if you like my jwmrc + wallpaper. :slight_smile: