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What is your prefered Desktop Environment?


I really like JWM for being very light weight and easy to configure the way I want.
JWM works fine on top of Xorg without Gnome, KDE or the rest.
I have never found anything I couldn’t do with plain X type apps.


Switched from Cinnamon to XFCE a few months ago. Turns out with proper gtk theming Xfce can be a lot prettier! Whodathunkit…

Been meaning to play with Budgie but am finding myself short on time these days.

(Frankie Wilde) #23

Torn between Budgie and Gnome, since they share the same stack. I find Budgie a bit snappier and more streamlined, while Gnome is simply beautiful with the Yosemite shell…


weston and sway only


Looks like I might be on my own but I love Enlightenment! All the shiny and my CPU barely ticks over. :slight_smile:


I’m also using enlightenment in my Void (glibc) box and loving it too, although it runs on a Sempron. Very light, very configurable and stable. A couple years ago, I tried it in a Slackware machine but it was buggy and crashed from time to time. Not now. So, for me, it’s fluxbox and enlightenment for stack wm and spectrwm for tiling.

(That guy) #27

I don’t use a Desktop Environment and would probably still be console only except for the amount of time I spend in a web browser. I use fvwm as a WM and have been for 15+ years or so although more accurately my configuration is best described as a glorified console manager (3x3 pager, sometimes larger) as I don’t have any buttons or decorations and run everything maximized jumping around with Alt-cursor and a few Alt keys to launch terms, browsers, and other controls. The arrival of stuff like dbus and other DE cruft started to annoy me years ago in much the same way I see systemd bother folks now.

I like urxvt but will be checking out st based on local recommendations. And it’s emacs for me, now get off my lawn!:slight_smile:


Who needs a DE when you have FrankenWM :grinning:


Openbox, usually with xfce-panel, these days (though i use tint2 on lighter systems). XFCE was my go-to, but i like a DE i can build from scratch. i’ve been experimenting with tiling. i like spectrwm, because of it’s simplicity compared to other tiling WMs.


You can actually use i3-wm with Mate session.

To do that follow these steps:

  1. You should me on mate session.

  2. Install dconf-editor if you don’t have
    sudo xbps-install dconf-editor

  3. Open dconf-editor and navigate to org/mate/desktop/session and remove ‘filemanager’ from required-components-list.

  4. On the same window, click required-components, and change windowmanager to i3.

  5. Restart Void or just re-login and you are done.


bspwm, no panel, date shown in always-open terminal’s prompt


Xfce4 with the session manager replaced with pysession, and a display manager I written in C.

(diana) #33

Enlightenment is my favourite DE


I’d go with bspwm as WM and lemonbar as bar. Full DEs are a bit bloated for my taste.


I’m trying to get by with dwm and it’s going pretty good tbh.


I use bspwm on my desktop & dwm on my laptop without panels and bars. I do not need nor want a full blown DE.


If you are going to try tiling WM’s, try bspwm.

It’s super-easy, has text configs and nice b-tree layout.

Also highly recommend the polybar.


pekwm. Tiny, fast, solid. After startx, I get a black screen and a pointer. That’s all I want.


Honestly, I lurked around since SuSE Pro 7 on many WM’s and DE’s. Now, Void with Xfce and OpenBSD with Xmonad and the old fvwm.


Gnome. But usually, i just work with a WM (that i change often, it’s i3 ATM)