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What is your prefered Desktop Environment?


There is many Desktop Environments in Void Linux repository and it’s very cool :slight_smile:

I tried all of them: Mate, Cinnamon, Xfce, KDE, LXDE, LXQT.

In the past I used a lot LXDE which is very lightweight but today my prefered Desktop Environment is LXQT, which is a Very Beautiful evolution of LXDE ! :heart_eyes:

(oliver) #2

Started on Gnome but moved to fluxbox then openbox. Currently using i3 with i3blocks for a status bar.


I really only end up using straight xmonad with xmobar, I dont really use most of the stuff a de provides.


Openbox. I’ve dabbled with i3, awesome, etc. and like it when I do–Manjaro’s bspwm edition is pretty slick, for instance–but I’m just not comfortable with them yet.

edit: I meant Manjaro bspwm, not i3.


Oh oh… i3 ? xmonad and xmobar ?? I never tried this ones…

Thank you so much for this information ! :+1:

I will try to install them today, I like to discover new things in Linux.


I love Mate! So much easier and simple than Gnome! Anyway, I tend to alternate between Mate and i3wm. Mate is great for a GUI-intensive environment. I tend to be increasingly in the mood for CLI applications, and it’s there where i3 shines.

(a) #7

+BIGbillion ! ±–mate—+


feeling a bit old fashioned here. :sunglasses: fluxbox is still my thing


i3. Tiling for life!

And someday, when Wayland works fine with proprietary Nvidia drivers I will replace it with sway.


Like @Varkolac, I like i3 because it is fast and I don’t care about eye candies that just suck my CPU time, this means my battery power :stuck_out_tongue:


After many years of hopping from one DE to the next, I have hopped from one WM to the next. Simpler is better and less demanding of resources. I use CWM with the assistance of wmutils and tmux.


You should take a look at dwm.


DWM is a brilliant window manager! It has influenced many other window managers: awesomewm, xmonad, wmii, et al. I have used and enjoyed DWM for a few years before discovering that a tiling window manager isn’t suitable for every occasion. I never thought I would end up with a stacking window manager, however CWM fits perfectly into my natural workflow. When I do need to split a window (or workspace or group or tag) tmux comes to the rescue. If we had to settle for just one window manager my vote would be cast in the favour of DWM.

(a) #14

I puke ** t i l i n ** ! sorry folks 4 bein sincere ! !

(Jakukyo Friel) #15

If you like LXQT, you may also interested in a similar DE called Lumina.

Lumina is based on Qt 5 (without QML) and Fluxbox window manager.

Lumina does not use any of the Linux-based desktop frameworks
(ConsoleKit, PolicyKit, D-Bus, systemd, etc…),
instead using a simple built-in interface layer
for communicating directly with the operating system.

It is available in the repository.

(Zach L) #16

Awesome wm. I was a big fan of wmii (still am) but awesome seems to be an improvement over it.

For non-tiling, I usually use openbox, fluxbox or XFCE.


I am in the middle of a bspwm build. I don’t have a basis for comparing tiling managers, but I am pretty impressed with it.


fluxbox, i3, and spectrwm are the main 3 I use.


Well there are a few years I knew the admirable world linux, through a live cd ubuntu gnome. Leaving from there I always go gnome, Fedora, Opensuse, Pclinuxos, Debian, etc., etc.
When the gnome passed for the version 3, I hated ugly, heavy and with some difficulties in getting used to the new gnome. Solution xfce and lxde, both light ones and enough easy in the configuration. At present xfce and maté tea, in our distro Void. But snooper to test the E21.


XFCE all day :slight_smile: