What do you use for socket activation?

(Nicolas Porcel) #1

By socket activation, I mean actual socket activation using inetd for instance, not the twisted version introduced by systemd where everything is started at the same time and sockets are created by pid 1.

I found that runit's creator has developed ipsvd which seems to provide such service but is not in the void repository. Can anyone suggest an alternative that works with runit and is not inetd? Maybe s6-networking?

Here are some information about what I am trying to achieve. I have a desktop computer that I also use as a media center. I want to be able to start kodi on demand when I open Kore without having to log in. Kodi would run as a different user or in a container. I believe doing socket activation on the port used by Kodi’s webserver and start Kodi standalone when a client connects could be possible.


Good ol’ tcpserver from ucspi-tcp works for me, but any of those you mentioned would do equally fine.
You shouldn’t have much trouble installing ipsvd for yourself, the program is pretty much finished so you won’t have to go out of your way tracking updates; the only big difference iirc is the format used for the tcprules, tcpserver uses a single file with a simple format while ipsvd one file per rule.