Web browsers and SSD's


I’m sorry if this has been discussed already, but I’ve just found this article both interesting and usefull

Fix for firefox


change 15000 miliseconds to 1500000 milliseconds, i.e. 25min :wink:


Thanks pin. I leave my laptop on for long periods and wondered if my SSD would suffer. I have no drive light on my laptop. That is quite a lot of writing in a short space of time. Setting changed.


You are welcome :yum: I’ve also changed this setting on all my machines.


I’m not sure if it’s a solution for it. But I think it’s good to load ff cache into ram (ff is much faster then):

browser.cache.disk.enable            false
browser.cache.disk_cache_ssl         false

Create a new integrer:

browser.cache.memory.capacity         4096

You can change this value according to your ram volume (don’t use entire ram :grinning:)
If you set it to -1 ff will use now available ram (ff is a little bit slower than in the exapmle above)

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Thank you for the tip. Just out of curiosity, does using psd (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Profile-sync-daemon) achieve the same results? It’s packaged in void’s repository.


Oh! I’m no expert!
I would guess so!? Anyone?


I don’t create this new integer.
I just use the default setting, which gives me about 23MB of cache in RAM:



@cr6 I hope it is very fast now :rofl: