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Wayland musl VM (wayland )not working

(Userx) #1

IN VM Void MUSL, basic install, no X installed at all.

I installed, weston, wayland, then found a page on the net on how to set up a weston.ini file, then found an error, searched it got this page in here on how to set up consolekit2 did that, started services, ran exec ck-list-sessions, kicked me out, had to re-login, then ran just ck-list-sessions,

weston-1 installed, wayland installed with both of there dependices. and I installed sway (i3 compatible w/m for Wayland)

XDG_RUNTIME_DIR = ‘/run/user/1000’

Now I am getting a - failed to create composer backendd.so (time UTC year)
with two dd’s find did not find it.

page used to weston.ini

I just set the [core] drm-backend.so
set the keyboard us
input method path for keyboard weston-keyboard

launcher for weston-terminal

I omitted the rest of the launchers