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Void trending is increasing on distrowatch, good


If you look at trending last 30 days, Void is in 13th place:


And last 7 days is in 91th place.
Good, Void need to be among top 100 and not at the bottom either.



In my experience the good things require some effort and aren’t recognised by the masses. But maybe that’s a good thing in itself? And rankings in general very often say nothing about quality. So I wouldn’t mind/care if Void was at the bottom of that list. :wink:

(Erin) #3

My hope is Void continues to bring good quality software in a good quality package and does not deviate from its original aims. It seems popularity can end up in watering down the objectives to cater for the masses.


Agree. But if the ranking get the attention of good developers, it won’t harm. I wouldn’t worry too much about the masses, they are not getting smarter…


Void can only benefit from popularity. The more users that it has the better it will be for all of the users.

Void needs to grow its community beyond the club house. :wink:

(Erin) #6

If the many that come participate and contribute, wonderful. In the modern world, I fear, that is fantasy in lieu of a plethora of leeches who expect the few to spoon feed. Whilst we all need help from time to time…


On the Artix Linux download page is a counter, it is showing over 15,000 downloads this week. But you will see no more activity on the Artix forum than here. So you can presume that the vast, vast, majority of users are silent users. If you are giving away free software it doesn’t matter too much if millions or nobody uses it, it’s nice if it is appreciated but I think the aim should be creating some marvellous thing, then you will never be disappointed.
There is also a recent article on distrowatch too, about Void and using xbps-src, which I found interesting, and I learned some things from reading it.


hello, you know you can rate Void Linux on distrowatch, I gave a 10 ! :wink:


Artix is basically a “new” distro that intends to be built & supported by the maintainers of a combination of other non-systemd distros that have been using the OpenRC init.

A prime reason for the large number of downloads is that Artoo (the main man, re. OpenRC) has left Manjaro (where his OpenRC work has been quite welcome & greatly appreciated) & taken his OpenRC support with him. The split was due to the difficulty for Artoo (& his ilk) in maintaining OpenRC in Manjaro, which is very much based on the systemd based Arch’ repo’s.

Re. the Artix forum, it really is very early days for Artix at this stage. They have a great deal of work to do in the setup of the distro, & the forum will/should get growing support by the maintainers as time goes by (when they can afford the time). Hopefully they will have some members of the forum that are amenable to providing some beginner friendly support, as unfortunately Artoo is not the best person for that job.

Another thing to remember, is that many of the Manjaro users that use OpenRC are relatively new to Linux, & are therefore more inclined to read, absorb, possibly puzzle, & keep their mouths shut, unless they have struck a problem that they need help with.

All of which is fine, requiring encouragement & needing no negative judgment (at least at this very early stage in the life of Artix). :wink:

(Michael Aldridge) #10

We have some idea of the number of void users based on mirror traffic. Ultimately though a lot of people don’t get on the forums. The set of people on IRC is almost completely disjoint.