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Void torrents?


Hello! Just asking why there are no torrents of the Void images? I would love to help out in a small way by adding any torrents to my seedbox and helping to take the load off of Void’s infrastructure.


Hi @KeepBotting! I am not part of the Void team, but I can answer that question for you.

Are there plans to upload the .isos using the Torrent protocol?
Short answer: yes.

Long answer: it is of very low priority. And with the current hardware limitations and the delicate state of the infraestructure I don’t think it is going to be happen any time soon.

PS: I was also interested in having the torrent option, but it has been sometime since it was first asked.


Hi there,
what about the system that Debian uses: jigdo ? :butterfly:
we have it in Void repos.

(Erin) #4

@KeeBotting - why not just upload some/all of the ISOs and torrent them?