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Void musl and p2p-dev-wlpXsY wifi interface



after void musl installation I do always set up wifi connection. I use wpa_cli to manage wifi connections. I use wired connection mainly and I disable wifi wright after install. Lastly I noticed there is one more wifi interface named p2p-dev-wlpXsY. I was very suprised, cause I didn’t configure any p2p device (I have never had nothing to do with p2p). This interface is selected in wpa_cli by default and network speed is very poor. When normal interface wlpXsY is selected the speed is ok and wifi interface can be disabled. It would be ok, but after opening a new wpa_cli session everything is the same again.

It is possible to delete this new p2p interface and why it appears after installation? ( I deleted it in /var/run/wpa_supplicant, but it destroy wifi connection at all).

There is no problem when setting up wifi on void live session before installation.

I didn’t check it if void glibc is installed.

My wifi card is Intel Corporation Wireless 8260.

Thanks in advance

(Erin) #2

Have a search on the 'Net for WiFi Direct to explain all. P2P does not mean filesharing in this sense and is a modern WiFi “feature”.


Thank You Erin,

my wifi card has Net for WiFi Direct feature (I didn’t know about it :blush:). Due to my router settings the speed was poor. Everything is ok now.

A wpa_cli command to manage the main interface wlpXsY is:

interface wlpXsY