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Void Linux @ 34C3

(Enno Boland) #1

Hi Void!

I’ll attend the 34c3 in Leipzig. What do you guys think about organizing an assembly and getting together for a small User meetup?

I set up a page in the Void wiki and created an assembly page on the 34c3 wiki

What do you think? Would you attend or even help organizing the event?

(maxice8's favorite salad) #2

It’s cool

No, living too far away.


Great idea @Gottox !

I’ve never been to Germany, this would be the opportunity. :grin:



I will be there and could also help organizing.

(Nico) #5

Great idea, I would definitely attend the event!

(Enno Boland) #6

Great! Some random bullet points:

  • I plan to contribute merch (stickers, posters).

  • It would be great if we get some table cloths for a void-greenish look of our area.

  • I learned from past congresses that it may be helpful to have some people that arrive early (day 0, -1, …) and are able to occupy an area. I have no idea how big our area should be, but I think we don’t need to be that huge.

  • It would also be great to get a screen and some devices running void.

  • beer.


ahah :face_with_hand_over_mouth: …which one’s your favorite?

(Enno Boland) #8

A good Pale Ale is always a good idea.

(Erin) #9

A decent porter or bitter puts a smile on your face.


I can provide one ore two laptops if needed.

What is early? I will probably not be in Leipzig before 10:00 (highly dependable on the traffic and how early I’m willing to stand up)

(Enno Boland) #11

Early as in 25th or 26th dec :slight_smile:


I will be there from day 0 (26th) from about 19:00

(Florian Eich) #13

I’ll also be there on the 26th in the evening, but a bit later - 9pm region earliest possible.

Could bring an old laptop running void, plus raspberries. Currently trying to get also a 22inch screen transported, which I can’t bring myself. Can try to organize a green tablecloth if you want.


I won’t be able to come, unfortunately.
The reason is simple: the date of the event…
The timing is really bad.
I’m going to spend Christmas with my family. :christmas_tree:
I devote all my time to linux already, I can’t leave them alone for Christmas.
Maybe I’ll see you another time! :wink:


Forgot to note @Gottox if you want I can bring a 32inch TV, Just say it if one is needed (I don’t want to drive it around for nothing)

(Enno Boland) #16

I’d like to have the TV there.

The only problem is, that we need to gather enough space. After the last few years I learned, that assemblies are kinda non-organized. I’ll be around around 18/19:00 on day 0 (26th) and hopefully am able to occupy some space.

Great! I’m really looking forward to meet you guys! :slight_smile:


So how much Space do we have now? I can bring the TV tomorrow if you want (I just need an answer before 0500)


Maybe there are some videos of the event, uploaded somewhere?

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Enno Boland) #19

This year I haven’t held my talk about void as I was lacking time. So no recordings :confused:. Anyway, there were tons of great talks with recordings at media.ccc.de and an interview (in german) about Void at tuxradio.