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Void glibc users [question answered]


Hi all Void glibc users…
I’ve been using Void musl build for a year now and I’m very happy with it :rofl:
I’m thinking about moving another laptop over to Void but, I’m going to need the glibc build on this one. I’ve never used this build before and I have a rather simple question to you all using it…
Can I get Netflix running on firefox using chromium-widevine on it?

Using chromium itself is not an option, I just can’t stand it :sleepy:

Thank you all!


According to Netflix system requirements Mozilla Firefox is supported. :slightly_smiling_face:


Defective by design


Thx! I know I can watch Netflix on firefox. I have been using the Ubuntu’s firefox build, as it ships with widevine by default. I’m just wondering if it works on the Void build.
I totally agree with you here. Also, I would very much like to have musl only systems…
…but, I have kids and they want to watch Netflix. So, if they at least can do it “systemd free”, that would be awesome.


It´s working here on firefox quantum with and without chromium-widevine installed.


Thanks! Just what I was hoping to hear :upside_down_face:
I was starting to get ready for a qemu-kvm run just in order to answer my own question.


Not sure if it will work with virtualized graphic cards, would be too easy to circumvent drm.


Thanks! I currently run a minimal ubuntu install in qemu-kvm to watch Netflix using my void musl box. But, now I want to install void glibc on bare metal and wanted to make sure that it would run Netflix in firefox before doing it.