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Uvesafb in Void Linux --> install v86d AUR package?


I would like to enable UVESAFB because it is somewhat better than ordinary VESA.
However, for this you need v86d userspace helper, otherwise the kernel will be stuck at:

uvesafb: Getting VBE info block failed (eax=0x4f00, err=0)
uvesafb: vbe_init() failed with -22
uvesafb: probe of uvesafb.0 failed with error -22

Problem here: this v86d is AUR package and I dont know how (or is it possible at all?)
to install AUR package in Void Linux

Do you know how to install this v86d - either in AUR or non-AUR way?

(Masato the Empty) #2

Never liked uvesafb for this very reason. Always felt it was stupid to have to emulate x86 functions on an x86 platform (this was even needed on regular 32-bit x86). I’ve seen others express the same.

The original development for v86d seems to have gone away (used to be on gentoo but now, links listed in kernel docs are 404). Launchpad history shows that the ubuntu version has been stuck at the same version since 2011 (or prior). They also don’t know where upstream went to.

There’s a branch kept on github but their commit history is pretty sparse, and also stops in 2014.

Nonetheless, to each his own and I certainly understand how you feel if you’re considering this driver/program since I’ve had reason in the past myself to look at this one…

So your best option is to get the latest code available and try to build/install the program yourself. the AUR pkgbuild uses the above-mentioned github repo as its upstream source. Looks like they just download and build the release tarball from 2011…