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Update failed

(zak) #1

Hello, I have been using void Linux for like 6 months so far. Overall I like it a lot. I recently did an update using xbps I got this after updating yesterday. I also tried reinstalling whole system from scratch, same problem still came up. I am not sure what to do. I don’t know if anyone can see this pic clearly. This is my first time posting here too.

(Masato the Empty) #2

that’s the sort of thing you can get when there’s no initramfs, or at least it’s not in the location or filename that grub thinks it is. (If I break my own system thusly, I’ll get a grub message before seeing this screen).

Try booting an older kernel first to see if it will let you back into your system. If so, then you can troubleshoot from that. Otherwise, you’ll either need to use a rescue disk, or do your troubleshooting at the grub command line.

The things you’d want to look for is whether grub is using the right path for the initramfs. You might also want to check that it has the right partition for the root filesystem, though if I break it that way, I get a different set of messages…


Hi @zakzak, your problem looks like this one by someone with a Lenovo laptop…

EDIT: hey, when you reinstalled your whole system from scratch, which ISO did you use ??
:warning: Using an old ISO can lead to this problem…


Could it be the same as this one?

Just check if there is enough space left on the boot partition.

Void doesn’t delete old kernels by itself … thats mostly good but a bit unusual if you come from / also use other distros …

Hope its as easy as that …

Kind regards



@HeinB777 Good idea, but only if @zakzak uses a separated /boot partition.

As he explained:

If he reinstalled a fresh Void system on a new root partition (without separated /boot), it is not a “not enough space” kind of problem.

Well @zakzak, to clarify the situation: do you use only a root partition, or a root + /boot ? Thanks.