Unixstickers / Donation

(Malte) #1


what do you think about sell at unixstickers (https://www.unixstickers.com) stickers from Voidlinux, with this you get domations for the project from selling it?



I would like to have a Void T-shirt !! :sunglasses:

(Yuusha Spacewolf) #3

I would love having some Void merchandising, whatever it might be.


I would also like a Void t-shirt. Plain dark green with Void logo. And maybe a sticker to cover the brand logo on my laptop!

(Benjamin) #5

A t-shirt and some stickers for my laptop would be amazing.

(Bart van Deenen) #6

I absolutely would buy Void merchandise.
Also please everyone: donate!. Void is a small distro that does exactly what we want, so let’s please support the devs (I’m not one of them)


I bought lots of slackware stuff just to support them, i would do the same with void :slight_smile:


Well, since this post has been brought up… I was going to do a similar one, first let me ping @Gottox, @gregf and @maldridge. Long story short:

  • Void supports 64-bit arm (Aarch64). Get my RPi3 ready to rock
  • The vast majority of packages are not in the repos. Some simply do not support ARM, others need a decent expansion (see the rust template). However the biggest reason is that most packages cannot be cross-compiled. Solution, get your Pi to compile Emacs (hey, I am also pretty good at telling jokes). I tried building the dependencies of Hugo (go static website solution) to no avail.
  • Install Raspbian and start learning how to set my own webpage. Compare technologies, solutions and hosts.
  • Come up with Scaleway (I am by no means trying to give publicity to a third party here) with their ARM-8 servers. I actually found them thanks to Alpine, since they are one of their supporters.

They allow you to install your own solution (Void) and have unlimited bandwidth (though speed is limited). I may in the near future get one of their cheap solutions and install whatever in an Alpine instance.

The point is: I am willing if the people behind Void want to pay them the 8-Core, 8Gb-RAM and 200Gb SSD solution (12€/month)… But… That is not enough. I thought it could be to compile whatever and send it back to the main server, clean it, and build another package.However, the bigger the better (much like heat exchangers you naughties), and if other people would like to contribute then we may be able to afford the 16-Core 16Gb-RAM, 400Gb-SSD (35€/month), which would be a lot more convenient. But keep in mind it is up to the Void Team (sounds so badass).

If someone would like to ask me why not donate the money directly and let the team decide… Well… I would rather know where the money is going to exactly. But if the Void Team has more important need then othe proposals are more than welcome.

(Michael Aldridge) #9

This is pretty off topic for this thread. Lets keep it on topic for stickers/other void branded swag. We have been in conversation with scaleway over the past few years (how do you think they got that void image…) but we are not onboarding new builders at this time. Maybe in another few months.

(notpod) #10

Please bring on the Void swag. I need laptop and Rpi case stickers and of course T-shirts.

(Paul B.) #11

Silly question because I have donated a few times before but now I cannot find where to donate $ to Void. I have scoured the web site but still can’t find it, which probably means it’s obvious…where to donate?

(Bart van Deenen) #12

Me neither :slight_smile: It used to be https://www.voidlinux.eu/donations/
I just went on the #voidlinux irc, and found out that Void has enough money for now so they removed the donations link.
github commit

What an amazing team!!!


Yep! Amazing…
Maybe, we all can help in another way!
Go Void :rofl:


I don’t really get how you can have “enough money” though, they don’t have to spend it immediately. Having $ on the hand is literally always the rational choice… But oh well


There is a Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/xtraeme

(ruelleducube@gmail.com) #16

I definitely need an official void linux t-shirt with a big logo on the front.


A white t-shirt with a green/black logo and 15cm by 15cm stickers would be great

(Michael Aldridge) #18

So to touch back on a dead thread, but now that some other things have become public:

We pulled the donations page because the money was all going to xtraeme but he was no longer actively engaged with the project. We wanted to preempt the situation where someone wanted to know how the money was spent and we honestly couldn’t provide an answer. So the donations page was pulled.

We’re evaluating strategies moving forward for handling donations and rest assured, your support of Void means a lot. Further posts to the website will explain the donations setup once we’re ready to move on it again.

As far as UnixStickers is concerned, they require a very large order the last time we checked which we currently can’t meet.


Good news! :smiley: I will make a donation as soon at it is feasible.

(Malte) #20

@maldridge what you think over https://liberapay.com
It has really small feeds.