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Uninstall Mate

(tax) #1

every day I am more delighted with Void, at the time I installed it with Mate as an environment.
I want to test how it goes with Einlighenment.
How do I uninstall Mate completely, without leaving a trace?
Thank you very much and greetings,


xbps-remove -Oo mate ?


xbps-remove -R mate

Remove mate and packages installed as dependencies.

The “-Oo” is to clean the cache and orphans.

@OP - the Wiki page for xbps has all the details and example.



Thx. What’s about -oOR ?


I have never tried that.


Me neither :wink: was just an idea …

(tax) #7

Precisely the -Oo had used it today to clean and I did not think it was right to eliminate Mate.

Anyway thank you very much family.


Try to install xtools and run xpkg -m (list manual installed packages and xpkg -a to list all installed packages. Have a look at all listed packages which could depend on mate…

More infos:

       xpkg [-R repo] [-amOHDvV] – convenient package lister
       -R repo
           consider only packages from repo
       -a  list all packages (default: only installed)
       -m  list manual packages
       -O  list orphaned packages
       -H  list packages on hold
       -D  list installed packages not in repo
       -L  list installed packages not from remote repos
       -v  show version numbers
       -V  show version numbers and description

and here


(Benjamín Albiñana) #9

xpkg -a list “all” packages, xpkg without parameters list all installed.
Took me a time to get that. :slight_smile:

(Edmond Dantes ) #10

xbps-remove -R requires at least one [PKGNAME] argument to be specified (recursively remove all orphaned dependencies pulled by $PKGNAME and still not marked as manual at the time of removal) :wink:


If you would like to check what packages are include in the default mate desktop have a look at http://pub.mate-desktop.org/releases/
The packages related to themes are in a different directory http://pub.mate-desktop.org/releases/themes/

As suggested already, you either do xbps-remove <pkgname> followed by xbps-remove -Oo or xbps-remove -R <pkgname>