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Udftools not found?

(caywin) #1


I need udftools package but I don’t find this.
What is the name of this package please ?

Thank you very much !!

(Masato the Empty) #2

Doesn’t look like we have it. Don’t seem to have any specific packages containing “udf” in the name and I’m pretty sure Void adheres to upstream names.

If you need it, you might want to build it yourself (that’s the route I go when I need something). I don’t know the pull request process, but I think if you want it in, you have to do some of the work (make a template yourself and do a PR) or see if anyone else will volunteer.

What specific tool/use were you looking at?

(Userx) #3


Linux from scratch


best I can do…

(Masato the Empty) #4

Linux-udf is unmaintained. I suspect all the FS support has long been merged into the upstream kernel.

However, the UDFTOOLS component seems to have been picked up by Debian. It looks like their package maintainer is the new upstream maintainer. They bumped the version up to 1.2 something in Stretch and Sid.

That’s probably why we don’t have it. I haven’t encountered many dead projects in the Void repos.

So if you’re interested in current source, go to its new home page.


@caywin Here someone shows a method for “udftools”:


(Masato the Empty) #6

Looks pretty much like standard compilation method using GNU make. In that case, I’d recommend the following:

  • I can’t vouch for it personally but you might want to consider the current debian-maintained version from github mentioned above.
  • When you go to the ./configure command, I’d recommend setting the prefix to /usr/local (--prefix=/usr/local) OR
  • Getting familiar with xbps-src build system so you can put all locally-compiled software into neat little packages.

I do recommend learning the package system for whatever distro you use if you plan on compiling any programs locally. My /usr/local directory tree only has scripts and one-off programs that are mostly compiled from a single source file where package management just seems more trouble than its worth.

@cr6 - troubleshooters.com - Whoever their Void fan is helped me make the decision to switch to void (mainly the article about leaving Debian for Void). I didn’t want it to be too much trouble since I didn’t have a lot of time to have my main system unusable. (that’s also where installing to a VM with a real HDD helped; once ready for prime time, I just booted the HDD on bare metal).

I actually think Void has come some way since the article was written (such as EFI support being present on the installation ISOs).