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The Void Linux Wiki

(Benjamin) #1

Inspired by https://forum.voidlinux.eu/t/the-wiki-discussion-share-ideas-and-get-offer-help/, I’d like to get a ball moving to make a wiki more organized and helpful to people, especially in areas where Void specific documentation is needed. (Like with https://wiki.voidlinux.eu/Bluetooth). I want to invite all of our community members to help out with this to make our wiki more accessible and useful to members, new or old.

(Benjamin) #2


Hi, as the original author of the inspirational post I was back again in the Wiki reading pages and rewriting one that got deleted during the spam armageddon when I came across this near empty page https://wiki.voidlinux.eu/Voidwiki:todo

When I wrote the forum post I was expecting it would serve as a hub to share ideas and help. However, a forum post is not the ideal solution for such task. So I though of reorganizing some ideas and writing them down into the mentioned wiki page. This could be useful for the following reasons:

  • Modifiable by the wiki writers: users could write down pages they would like to write/see_written with extra information (regarding details or help). If an article has been taken care of, then it could be deleted (basic TODO stuff).

  • If posted in the front page it could be used as an advertisement page to ask users to write and improve the wiki. This way users that have experience with topics posted in the TODO page would know of such lack of information and may want to fix it. This way it is also shown that one can also help the Void project by not just being on github (great for more average users).

  • As a side effect, the page could also be used as a quality post, having information regarding good practices, links to wiki writing (I had to learn it all just to write my article, not that it is difficult or anything, but it would be nice to have some pointers to start with) and standards (like: when posting code post it in its own box, not in the middle of the text, etc).

I would like to read your ideas and opinions. I went to the short pages and orphaned ones and A LOT needs to be done. Luckily, since Void is a rather advance distro most users wont have problems with issues since the info can be found in other Wikis, but regarding Void specific issues we are still behind what would be considered sane standards. I’ll start writing some notes in the TODO page.

(Pavel) #4

@ferviron Great thank you for this! I recently joined the wiki and was seeking the information on what to do, and where to go. Very glad I saw this post!


should we request new pages here, or on the wiki? anyway, i’d really like all of the runit services documented, or at least the ones enabled by default, so i can decide whether to disable them.

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