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The Advent of Void


I was surprised there wasn’t a forum post on this already, on the Void website there is an advent calender showing off a cool package in the repo every day. The posts are really in depth, and really well written especially for containers and taskwarrior.

My favorite so far is perl-Math-Prime-Util it’s really interesting, and its source code is crazy.


(notpod) #2

Yes. I have been finding these to be nice little nuggets of info. Good Idea. Grats!


Maybe not directly related to the Advent of Void, but…

Just a small post to tell you that I got a nice surprise this morning when I discovered this package called netbsd-wtf in Void repos!

A must have for any non-English user, IMO.

$ netbsd-wtf imo
IMO: in my opinion


(@notpod funny-looking!)

(Ioan) #4

hmm no day 16 ¿