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Terminal frontend to XBPS?

(Tony Agudo) #1

I’ve used xbps on the command line and OctoXBPS as a GUI frontend, but I’m wondering: Is there a curses-like frontend for XBPS available, akin to Debian’s aptitude for APT?


:owl: Personally, I have never heard of something like that on this forum…


I’ve been working on a wrapper, not ncurses though.

(Tony Agudo) #4

I like the idea of a universal wrapper front-end, and this(or something like it) would provide all the heavy lifting for a graphical front-end. The closest thing I’ve seen that visually matches up with OctoXBPS is the “dimples” package manager used in FreeDOS. That’s what I’m looking for in a curses-based XBPS package manager.


:anguished: me I don’t like the idea.

…but it doesn’t matter. :wink:

(Edmond Dantes ) #6

A ncurses frontend can really come in handy. The FDIMPLES software database manager is a great piece of software. For those interested in understanding what @ant_misfit was speaking of (hardly anyone else here knows it?:joy:) I’ll attach a screenshot

I concur such an utility would prove of great usefulness, though it would be hard to keep it up to date with new software continuously being added, new versions being released, options changing in templates and dependencies subsequently.

If there’s a packet driver supportingg your Ethernet NIC, and you set up a working connection in DOS, or did the same thing in a VM with an emulated PCNet II Fast, Realtek 8139 or what else, you may be interested too in FDNPKG, a package manager xapable of synchronizing repos, fetch latest package releases (sources included) from FreeDOS ftp Server, and install it under your PATH: basically a 16-bit XBPS :rofl:

Compared with common DOS networking speed,it’s VERY fast and works like a charm