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Telegram Desktop

(Kerenua) #1

I was wondering if anybody could help, or atleast point me in the right direction, of what could be causing this issue. The issue in question is that when in Telegram Desktop no emoji’s or stickers display – being entirely blank. I couldn’t find anything about this issue online and am not sure what to do. I am on KDE5 if that matters…



Can reproduce it also on my machine so it is probably because I messed something up when packageing telegram. Idk if I find time to fix it soon.


That would be great ! It is not realy a problem, but it would be great to have Sticker.
Anyway thanks for packageing telegram!


Same for me: awesome-wm

(Piotr) #5

I have the same issue on musl. It used to work as expected on glibc version.

Is there a way we can help figure out what is missing?


It is just a missing dependency. qt5-imageformats is needed.
Is fixed once #13332 is meged

(Kerenua) #7

Thank you everyone ! :grin:
you guys are awesome fr


yeahh super cool


the r got lost? :rofl: