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Systemd to SysV converter script: A much needed tool for switching sysadmins

(Tony Agudo) #1

I’ve noticed there’s tons of documentation out there for converting SysVinit scripts to systemd service files, but practically nothing about going the other way or to other non-systemd init schemes like runit. However, I did manage to find this obscure little gem on GitHub. It’s five years old and likely could use some updating to reflect the current state of systemd, but I think it could be of use to sysadmins switching to Void from Ubuntu, Fedora or Arch: https://github.com/akhilvij/systemd-to-sysvinit-converter

P.S. - Or even better, do you think it could serve as a starting point for adding “systemd compatibility” to runit, like how systemd has it’s own sysV-to-systemd converter?

(maxice8's favorite salad) #2

There is no point in adding systemd compat, making run files is very easy.

but if you really want you can take a look at my favorite init system nosh https://jdebp.eu/Softwares/nosh/

(Tony Agudo) #3

From the nosh site:

systemd unit files do not lock one in to systemd forevermore, because one can run them through convert-systemd-units and get nosh service bundles

Hmm… I will definitely have a look at “convert-systemd-units” from nosh.