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Systemd boot

(Marco Fioretti) #1

Because I’ve some problems to install grub on arch, I would like try systemd boot but, if I install this bootloader, can it’s read the void partition? Clearly I don’t have systemd on void


Have you read anything about void ? (https://wiki.voidlinux.eu/Runit)

Void does not support or provide systemd. Luckily :smiley:

(Marco Fioretti) #3

Yes, I know that void doesn’t use systemd, but my question is another :wink:


So I am sorry.

You are talking about the bootloader ? Gummiboot ?

I really apologize my firtst statement @zar_marco ! I just didn’t see the little but important word “arch”. My fault !

(Владимир Ильич Ленин) #5

Systemd-boot can not read any partitions except EFI partition (it is usually mounted to /boot/efi).

To boot Void from Arch`s systemd-boot you need to copy your kernel and initrd to EFI partition and configure systemd-boot to boot this kernel. Just follow instructions on Arch Wiki (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/systemd-boot) to configure it.

It is easy to configure it. And systemd-boot will automatically add some useful options to boot your computer :slight_smile:

(Marco Fioretti) #6

Thank you so much, now I read arch wiki and tomorrow I’m try it


Refind is a nice bootloader if you want to try


Refind is really great.


Does it support encrypted (LUKS) boot partitions like GRUB does?

(Marco Fioretti) #10

Tomorrow I’ll try with systemd-boot if I’ll not solve with systemd-boot I’ll try with refind, I’ve used refind in the past for booting slackware


No it doesn’t support encrypted boot partition but it support secure boot.


Thanks @gspe


Not so long ago Void was using systemd. :roll_eyes:

See for example #62, #259, #411, #548

And after that they removed it: #1939 :wink:

EDIT: … I thought there were no :japanese_goblin: leftovers ?


I know. But they have done the right decision from moving away from it. :slight_smile:


Thanks to you now there aren’t. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Is the --omit flag appended to the initramfs too if I create one now on my system? (no live image… my real running daily system)


Yes, of course,

if [ "$BASE_SYSTEM_PKG" = "base-system-systemd" ]

is always false. :sweat_smile: