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Steam freezes desktop once it's closed


anybody experienced this behavior? When I close Steam application it freezes my Gnome session for like 30secs or so. Even clock on the panel gets frozen.

I’m really not sure how to debug it.

(Edmond Dantes ) #2

What about opening a couple of terminal instances, launching steam from the first and killing it from the second?

$stderr should give you precious info on both

Make sure you have all the required 32bit libraries, included the ones for your GPU driver, making use of ldd(1).

Possibly get a stack trace of steam process too and verify also everything’s ok with polkit/consolekit2


I have this too, with bspwm. Xorg goes to 100% cpu, have to manually pkill -9 steam.


I too have this problem. However it only happens if steam has been running for a longer while. Since steam has quite a bit of latency in any input I give to it (the games are fine though), I suspect that it spams draw events for no reason, clogging the X server. If one uses a compositor like xcompmgr, things get better, but it introduces latency to the games, so it is not really an option.


Yes, I have very similar experience, however, since I opened this topic here, Steam works like a charm… Murphy…