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[SOVLED] Video Drivers

(Userx) #1

OK, I know what video card/chip I got ATI . if I uninstall all of the other video drivers it is not going to screw up anything is it, and they will/should not just reinstall themselves on a system update . yes?

mesa-ati-dri - I assume that is mine ati chip on my laptop

and without looking in to it frist I assume them are some other video card drivers, their maybe more.
Using the famous catch pharse from the marathon man,
Is it safe?

(Masato the Empty) #2

They’re safe to do without, but if they’re installed as dependencies of other packages, then you won’t be allowed to remove them without force. And if you do force them they’ll come right back the next time you upgrade a package depending on them.

In that case, to weed that out, you’s have to remove the metapackages containing them. The chain for these ones goes like this:
xorg -> xorg-video-drivers -> xf86-video-($chip) -> mesa-($chip)-dri.

So if you really don’t want them to be there, then you’ll want to remove the metapackages in the order above.
This will leave (many) orphan packages. If you want to keep them (and you probably want at least some of them) then you’ll have to either never purge orphan packages, or go through and mark them as manual instead of auto.

(Userx) #3

and don’t get me going on why I do not favor metapackages for this very reason. I only questioned it because I see no real reason to have them installed when all the are doing is taking up space. Thanks. I will be looking in to this situation in the neer (near) future.