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[solved] Xbps-src pkg non-PIE executable found


For each pkg I want to modify there’s this error:

   Stripped executable: /usr/bin/dwm                                                                                     
=> ERROR: dwm-6.1_1: non-PIE executable found in PIE build: /usr/bin/dwm                                                 
=> ERROR: dwm-6.1_1: post-install_06-strip-and-debug-pkgs: 'find ${PKGDESTDIR} -type f' exited with 1                    
=> ERROR:   in hook() at common/hooks/post-install/06-strip-and-debug-pkgs.sh:59                                         
=> ERROR:   in run_func() at common/xbps-src/shutils/common.sh:21                                                        
=> ERROR:   in run_pkg_hooks() at common/xbps-src/shutils/common.sh:251                                                  
=> ERROR:   in main() at common/xbps-src/libexec/xbps-src-doinstall.sh:67                                                

The repo is up to date.
What to do?


PIE is now the default for our gcc, I think you are missing ./xbps-src bootstrap-update.