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[solved] Wine 64-bit version



Why 64-bit wine is not available on Void? Unfortunately, I don’t have 32-bit executables, only 64-bit…


as far as i know, it’s not a problem, you can run 64-b exe with it

wine myexe.exe 
0009:err:process:create_process L"Z:\\home\\b\\Desktop\\myexe.exe" not supported on this installation (x86_64 binary)
wine: Bad EXE format for Z:\home\b\Desktop\myexe.exe.

how can I launch it, then?

(Masato the Empty) #4

I hardly ever use wine anymore (if I really need a Windows program I run it in my Windows VM) I might not be up to speed on this, but last I checked, it went like this.

You can’t run 64-bit applications on 32-bit Wine and you can’t run 32-bit appications on 64-bit Wine. This isn’t just Wine. It’s Windows. It’s Linux and BSD and OSX and… everything.

Whatever the OS, you need 32-bit library infrastructure for running 32-bit linked programs, and you need 64-bit library infrastructure to run 64-bit linked programs.

With wine, it was a bit cumbersome last I checked. You can probably have 64- and 32-bit Wine versions as long as they’re completely separate (they won’t work together at all). But while that may be changing in recent times, there hasn’t been as much use for a Wine that can only run 64-bit programs. So very little motivation for somebody to make a separate package. Plus, who knows what other little gotchas might be present for having 64- and 32-bit wines on one system. (can they share the same WINEPREFIX for example, or could there be things in there that blow up on you?)

Enter shared WoW64. If the Wine Wiki info is current, then It essentially requires you build wine at least twice and then meld the 32-bit infrastructure into 64-bit Wine. That would require a very different build process for 64-bit architectures than for 32-bit (which can not support this ever.)

I guess nobody has volunteered to do the work, so there you have it.

(4130) #5

You can install 64bit versions of wine within PlayOnLinux, which is available in our repos.

Just install the following:
winetricks - Script to install various redistributable runtime
playonlinux -_GUI for managing Windows programs under linux

Open PlayOnLinux and follow its prompts to get it all set up, it will give you an error message about Wine not being installed (in case you dont install wine via our 32bit void package, since it isnt necessary to be installed), you can ignore that.

After PlayOnLinux up and running and you set up Microsoft fonts and whatever else it complains about at first, navigate to Tools --> Manage Wine Versions

From there click on the second tab in the PlayOnLinux wine versions manager window that appears, this is where you can select and install 64bit versions of wine to download and use in POL.

You can then click the configure button in the main PlayOnLinux window to add a new virtual drive with the wine version you’d like installed in it.

(Masato the Empty) #6

Interesting. If it works well, then it doesn’t sound like a bad alternative to having a Void-built 64-bit wine. Looks like it’s been in there for quite a long time (added in 2015 by JRP).

I’ve heard mention of POL but not this capability, and it’s not the first time this sort of inquiry has come up (and I’ve only been around about a year and a half). I’ll be sure to remember this one.


Thank you, it seems good solution to manage wine’s via POL rather than having system wine.