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[SOLVED]Vkpurge and kernel after update to version 4.11.5_1

(m4k5) #1

vkpurge list

does not show the result (also as sudo) but

ls /boot


config-4.10.17_1 initramfs-4.11.5_1.img vmlinuz-4.10.17_1
config-4.11.5_1 initramfs-4.4.71_1.img vmlinuz-4.11.5_1
config-4.4.71_1 System.map-4.10.17_1 vmlinuz-4.4.71_1
grub System.map-4.11.5_1
initramfs-4.10.17_1.img System.map-4.4.71_1

while the command

sudo vkpurge rm 4.10.17_1
Removing kernel 4.10.17_1 files ...
Kernel 4.10.17_1 is currently installed

while currently running kernel is

uname -r

Any comments …?


I’m having the same issue, but I thought I would wait a few days and see if I can remove the old kernels then…


There might be a misunderstanding what vkpurge does: When a kernel line is updated (say from 4.10.16 to 4.10.17) the now old kernel doesn’t get removed. This is where vkpurge comes into play.

But if there is a new kernel line (the linux package was updated from 4.10 to 4.11) the old line still remains. If you want to remove 4.10 completely you have to remove the linux4.10 package with xbps-remove.

(m4k5) #4


Today’s update has fixed vkpurge.

Before update:

vkpurge list

After update:

ls /boot | grep config

Thanks… :sunglasses: