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[solved] Undefined symbol: __ubsan_vptr_type_cache (where to find ubsan.so)?



I cannot find the related void package. Any idea where I can find it?

As far as I understand it is developmend librarly for undefined behaviour check/reporting.


(John Peach) #2

xlocate ubsan.so
libsanitizer-32bit-7.3.0_1 /usr/lib32/libubsan.so.0 -> /usr/lib32/libubsan.so.0.0.0
libsanitizer-32bit-7.3.0_1 /usr/lib32/libubsan.so.0.0.0
libsanitizer-7.3.0_1 /usr/lib/libubsan.so.0 -> /usr/lib/libubsan.so.0.0.0
libsanitizer-7.3.0_1 /usr/lib/libubsan.so.0.0.0
libsanitizer-devel-32bit-7.3.0_1 /usr/lib32/libubsan.so -> /usr/lib32/libubsan.so.0.0.0
libsanitizer-devel-7.3.0_1 /usr/lib/libubsan.so -> /usr/lib/libubsan.so.0.0.0


Solved, it is in libsanitizer-devel package. Thanks a lot, man!

What it is that magic program xlocate? In which package can I find it?

(John Peach) #4

It’s in xtools