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[solved] Sight speed ... slow?

(Userx) #1

I’ve installed two flavors of Void on my VM. Glib .

one base system only, the other XFCE4. Trying to get the post install updates, and with updating either one of them. it starts out and runs really fast up to a point, then stops and hangs. I’ve never had this problem before in VM. So I was wondering is it me or is the sight being slow, or something else?


:unamused: It’s well known VM are much slower and buggy than real hardware…

(Userx) #3

that just might be what it is VM itself, I have not used it is a long time. now i got it installed again, and it is just downloading a LOT slower then the other time I’ve used it. I even installed Slackware and it was taking forever to update in a post install. Dropping the line and reestablishing itself to get everything. I do know it was a lot faster that long time ago when I used it.

c’est la vie