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[SOLVED] Problems with Ranger file manager


EDIT: Solved with the help of #ranger on freenode. It was a problem with the $EDITOR variable

Anybody here uses Ranger?

I can’t bulk rename with it. When i select files and type :bulkrename it says “no renaming to be done!” and nothing happens. It’s suppose to open my editor (vim). It worked fine before on Gentoo.

When i open urxvt and type ranger it works, but if i open the terminal with my keybinding that invokes urxvt -e ranger it just spells that error. It’s like it opens the editor and closes right after.

(Scott Robbins) #2

It might be useful to put what the problem was. What should the variable have been and what was it? (Someone might have the same issue in the future, find this post, and be very frustrated). :slight_smile:


It was a matter of adding “export EDITOR=/usr/bin/nvim” (without quotes) to .bash_profile.