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[Solved] Newbie problem with X


IME the first update updates xbps, then the second updates everything else except what has been placed on hold. Probably you were just unlucky to install while there was an undiscovered bug that affected your hardware, but these things seem to usually be fixed quickly in Void.
(And btw Masato, xbps seems to interact with it’s xml plist using BSD C functions like: prop_dictionary_set_cstring_nocopy - whatever that does, it’s not defined in the xbps src.)
Oh, there it is:
Secret BSD C library foo.

(Masato the Empty) #62

Looking at the dep tree, it would seem that if you were using a non-DE install disk, then you’d have not gotten xf86-video-ati unless:

  • you installed explicitly (which you did this time around)
  • you installed the metapackage xorg-video-drivers metapackage. This is pulled in by xorg, but not xorg-minimal.

So if you installed xorg-minimal, you need to pick the extra packages for your chipset, which is the purpose. pulling in xorg-video-drivers on the other hand installs 7 different video chipset modules for X, of which you’d be unlikely to ever use 6…


@Myshkin It would be interesting to know why lightdm did not work the first time ?

The setup you described in your first message should be very simple to build…

It’s basically Xorg + pekwm + dbus + lightdm (with dbus & lightdm symlinked in /var/service)

:worried: I do not see why lightdm would not work properly with this setup ?

If you’ve been using Linux for 18 years it should be easy for you to build such a basic setup.